New Music Breakdown Book Of Ryan/g-host

Album and the rest of the tracks definitely did today it was.

A great there’s a great track they said of this did this like a low roll release exact outside Allen I was just about to say that they said I just did this as a.

One-off or even at the least for me they should have put this on as a bonus track if you wanted like if you want to keep it on this album I would have put it as a bonus track but I really think it should have been just separate it just said have been you know something that they you know just threw out there to give people like what we want we want we wanted to hear them together the collaboration between them.

Two was great it just wasn’t fitting for this album the only yeah it is.

The loose tie in to the to the rest of the album is the the idea of the caterpillar of transforming metamorphosizing evolving because that’s kind of what this album is to me is race looking at his life and and.

Analyzing it to determine how.

He should approach relationships with people in his life and basically how to transform and be and evolve and be a better person because you understand why you did what you did and why other people did what they did and then that gives you better understanding of how.

To work and approach and be around these people and give what you want to give because a lot of times we all have we tend to have good intentions to do things but if that other person doesn’t know what your intentions are they might misinterpret the route at which you went about doing it and similar to like I was talking how he brings up about his brother his brother has good intentions his intentions is I want to protect us I want to protect our family I want to protect my brothers.

I want to protect my mother from a father figure who are they who he sees is abusive or overbearing in other respects that’s great you know that’s great to.

Have to want to protect your family but if you’re going about it in the route of I’m gonna fight everybody which gets you locked up or which can then be have a negative effect on your family because if you’re trying to fight everybody and you’re that angry dude when people want to get mad at him they’re gonna go after the family it’s is the the hero complex how do the villains get the hero they go after.

The people they love so is that exactly so so is that idea of yeah he has good intentions of wanting to to be that that positive role model in protector but he’s just going about it all wrong so I just thought that was really interesting I thought the whole family dynamic was interesting how.

He laid it out and just kind of put his heart on his sleeve and I thought that was also very important.

To making this album as cohesive as.

It was and he tackles so many issues that I also think it’s accredited to him as well because there’s so many issues that are hard to address you know mental health family dynamics addiction anger management all of those topics are thrown in throughout here but another great feature to me was a the.

In there so smooth it’s so smooth Jayco and Royce there the way that counteract each other I what.