New Music Breakdown Book Of Ryan/g-host

Cured subject madam Georgia was a personal album and was getting them to then you know information about himself and his family in his brother and his father things of that nature it was their sense some of the way he delivered the lyricism know I felt like summer you know I mean yeah I grew up.

I think and for me for me it worked and I can see why.

I wouldn’t work for you because that’s kind of the same issue that I had with logics everybody album there was parts of the tracks where I was like I don’t have a problem with this subject matter it just it just felt like I didn’t want him to talk I’ll rather him find some other way to deliver it that made was because for me it took me out of the music it took me out of out of the sonic properties of the music.

And made me just listening to him talk where right so I definitely can relate and understand how you’re feeling about that but for me on this particular album with the book of Ryan I didn’t feel that way and I feel that way because with these stories even though he was talking about it the way he was.

Talking about it wasn’t the tone was different when logic was talking about it is as if he’s speaking to us where the way that I feel Royce did it in this particular project was he’s not talking to us he’s talking to himself he’s talking to himself and and breaking down the story say himself to count and get a better understanding of it of why his brother was doing the things he was doing why like.

Because in the moment you’re like man this dudes being a fucking asshole like chill out and I get like damn like you know like right like we don’t have.

To go you ain’t gotta go fight everybody but on that level of reflection he’s going this is what happened oh but this is why he did it weren’t and so that’s why for me it just felt a little bit different but again like I said I definitely can understand how it came off and how it felt with you because that’s exactly I thought.

About that logic project I really enjoyed the project I really enjoyed the songs that he where that was in.

But it was like man just find another way of delivering it make it a bar you know so like I definitely get where you’re.

Coming from for that but for me I didn’t I did for me because of it felt more of a reflection then him kind of preaching or talking to us I took it I internalized it differently it felt more like a therapy session where logic to me it felt like he was just telling us a story and for this one there was several standout tracks for me of features and one of those features of course we got to go to caterpillar with Eminem even though for me that track really.

Doesn’t uh shit okay the album to me know it’s a different style definitely different now yeah but it was a good track man I mean you know the last new evidence really impressed me I was yeah I wasn’t a personal item I was impressed by that I know I think like like even build on.

That you told me this wasn’t you know so to hear Eminem get this bag deliberately overall deep like that um it was good thing here got like for the sounding of the.