New Music Breakdown Book Of Ryan/g-host

You know talking alike you know me.

What’s up positive and negative keep that balance read their dick yeah yeah that balance he did that keep on that joint so you know like I said no I was asleep I was a city but it was a people interesting things going on with the Styles album then it’s been losses I love worse man you know definitely when.

I’m up what it was grow to great Rivers’s or a game what did you think about what did you think about the features on a style album you kept the light low cats they did any of those any any of the features stand out to you in particular focus or staff it was cool um yeah I have problems with the peaches just you know I would stand out like was the mega-mega like you know he at that I’m.

Gonna remember you know magic eye color values Old English kingship I was too much no folk song styles Georgia nothing bad one was even always mean oh man and I Spain died Spain is featured pretty heavily on this album no.

Man is definitely want to come up we got a lot of traction Jadakiss yeah a large has four kids I do this nice loose my Harlem you know there he definitely carried all the torches the lyricism illiteracy liver school marm New York City nor me it’s the Harlem.

On a come up he’s going to be put around of guys like I did he eased wells Prato heap it’s definitely in LA I’m definitely in Chile to be though there’s just I was like.

I said will focus on four hours but he was saying they need oh man definitely uh come up he’s definitely willing to pay.

Attention to and counting cooler from New York City yeah the first time I heard Nino man was on sway in the morning a couple of years ago I want to say maybe two years ago yeah and use he was he was going in so so when I was when I saw the the feature of.

Nino man on here not being on the East Coast we don’t get as much info or.

Regards to him as you guys would so I was again pleasantly surprised to see him on this featured on this album similar to you there.

Was no feature that really kind of stick out and was like oh I have to go back to that track specifically to hear well here that line I think this is a really good project there are a couple of.

Tracks that I do kind of skip cuz it just doesn’t it doesn’t hit with me but overall I think it is a good project for me the Royce about nine the personal aspect of it really stood out to me just a little bit more so I kind of want to transition into talking about that where’s the five nine album so where’s the five nine came out with.

The album called the book of Ryan and as you mentioned it is very it’s very personal it’s very introspective it’s is really it feels like you are getting in.

Curtain a peek behind his life that’s how detailed and personal it is especially as you get through to the later tracks protecting Ryan protecting a strong friend that last kind.

Of quarter of the album it gets heavy and so I do read with you in that regard of there are tracks that are so personal heavy that you can’t just put this on and play that was the problem none of the subject man is a problem I was definitely a problem actually.