New Music Breakdown Book Of Ryan/g-host

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Platforms as well but today let’s get right into it today’s episode is gonna be of course I had to bring your boy travel on for another episode P ghost album that.

Recently came out as well as worse the five-nines book of Ryan so we’re gonna check out both of those projects let’s.

Get right into it let’s start out with I know this is a one that more resonated with you and let’s.

Start with style styles P’s ghost so I didn’t even know that this I wasn’t I didn’t know that he was coming out with a.

Project at this time I knew I heard that he was coming over the project but I didn’t think it was gonna be I thought was gonna be later in the year personally what about you it was.

A very much promotion on it I did know we was probably like a week or two of his dance prize that I was dropping but I knew was coming out and I knew that I was gonna get when I got it yeah he definitely he definitely didn’t disappoint for actually let’s just.

You know start from the beginning what were some of your favorite tracks from the project morning morning or going through hell I for I like the whole album to go out but those two tracks kind of like hats and – murders a minute that eyes that I appreciated agree do two tracks but the whole album yeah that’s right who allowed so I never.
Won truck for me I’ll say the same.

Thing morning morning that’s really when one that stands out and then windows to the soul also stood out to me as well oh yeah yes that’s definitely one of my favorite well but not that’s what I like the whole album yet yeah or Widow.

So probably my favorite ride and in comparison how do you how do you feel about this album in comparison to other sounds peas work well you know geo she’s back in his jiho’s.

Mode that’s why he didn’t she hosts oh he’s back in it oh the production and and uh subject man he’s back in his own you know I.

Was just kind of like down turning out all other projects unlike his last album his last solo out there was a little different and this was when he’s back on his beast mode she hosts little cool car call but then also for some spiritual truths are side of it as well when you get that movie nope you go get the best book problem.
And lyrically he definitely.

Showed up absolutely for me again out of the two project that we’re reviewing and discussing today Brooke of Ryan was resonated with me more than G Hosur ghost what about this album resonated with you so much like a light one they definitely do I just think this time around some of the some of the songs something they’re more like the conversation then lyrics I mean cuz Librium out to be these is kind of like talking some of the songs you.

Know I didn’t like I didn’t I was connecting with the baby was delivering his lyrics who’s got a laugh but he learns that definitely did and you know the production is.

Definitely there I just felt like the way you can live it with some of these song with the car wasn’t really kind of like you know Hamas be but it was definitely one of the top Louis’s I definitely appreciate that but it was a personal album it was a little bit more personal.

And a little bit more open with things that went on the flight this Robin I like it just that I.

House the Apple because it’s bit more definitely the production and in the delivery that’s movie you know you know I’m putting my zone listen it’s in the style speak I’d have to skip one track you know it straight up evil it was street rock and I haven’t come up without one I can I.

Just watch the whole thing come on a lot not descriptive you know I mean I can’t do that before voice you know but I think you know I’ve conducted throughout with staff so the production the can never read a little deliver sysm and you know and of course just does this the floor out is there any particular theme that he talks about in on styles album that really kind of stuck with you and like or or a line that kind of you can’t really get out.

Your mind yeah that we know we pray for the world thing you know now he was caught a deep catches painful coke connections but a kind of license to sell coke you know a new you ask me and praise God for the Ricardo Escobar connect be sort of praying to God to respond or waiter for Samantha different.

Kind of fulfillment um she massive sell coke like I’m the shooter that’s example in hanky see they said things of that nature put you know me and then we.

Few things you gotta that was one of yeah definitely the tone especially like for me the going back to windows to the soul that particular track I just felt like he really expressed so.

Much I want to say frustration but it’s more than just frustration so I just to me that track really kind of I guess resonated with me the most lyrically and and just on the emotional tone yeah yeah he’s so emotionally so that he was spiritually or poking that so mom you know he he’s cars even.

To the most high that’s why I like I like that song a lot to us well that’s one of my favorite tracks then you know going through hell doesn’t track the closing track you could see that he did the production at all I believe Graham Jones did that and he stood to beat her.

Twice who was like the truth I love those girls ought to be like that did that were out there sometimes you get when.

A beat switches up there’s one track but I split the beach which is up and he just killed both sides like him like like his you know I’m going against itself you know me like two different styles and one was going back and forth with itself or two different beats you know being in the yang.