Compound Bow Warrior! (solo Vanilla Rust #8 S12)

To I kept like parkour to get to it by the way guys I’m completely joking and I in like a few fell for that for a second you’re dumb just kidding.

I’m sorry guys I just have to do.

Some weird shit like that sometimes there has to be a very very small amount deal that did not fall for.

That the majority had to have fallen for it though some people they were pricing and there’s literally no.
Way but you were still interested and unlike what I was about to show you.

Lying all right so he’s full inventory right yep that was so awkward just opening and shutting the door over and over and over you guys.

May think how come you’re killing the poor guy that’s starting up guys don’t ask me dumb questions okay dear God I was like yes I feel bad for him because I know that he is sad but at the same time people like that cannot be living near me guys or like.

People can’t be basing close to me like that when I have the opportunity to kill someone that could raid me in the future.

I’m gonna take that opportunity you know where they made fuck you kid dude’s name is slurred what’ll we’re down.

Oh god that’s not good we’ve now come to interesting fight for an important message the four letter word strikes to see that’s two different meetings a noun form okay it can refer to an animal this poultry genitalia this guy’s weird a guys are long enough me he didn’t know got shot in the back so far holy shit oh my god this feeling you may be struggling I.

Think I am I’m missing my shots right now and I’m sad I know how far away is the target 30 meters maybe I don’t know okay so what’s your guess it’s got.
To be super right I mean come on you don’t know what pulse tree means.

Both tree is like you know chicken why are you fucking playing trivia over there I am not with someone over here man I’m just gonna announce that I am a solo player man what the hell is wrong with you I basically this poor poor human he wasn’t able to loot everything sucks for him man but.

It’s all good happy that I actually gained the guts to.

Over there take him over there next that I could push up and check but that was just she just got weird over there it’s just the.

Non-toxic weird shit that just goes on you’d literally called us a trio when literally me and the other dude were just now fighting that dude was just me a nerd like.

That I killed him that’s all that it was which I don’t blame him it has to come out eventually the guy yeah the double barrel just dropped everything on the ground from in his hot.

Bar as he was dying on the ground from bleeding out or.

Some shit oh god I feel bad for that dude I have no idea what is going on right now by the way someone else.

Here oh shit he’s dead nevermind no he’s not okay okay I see how it is so dude I mean the normal bow now can I please like peek from this angle I don’t know what’s going on he’s mad he’s really really mad right now yeah you better.

Back up kid and the dude can’t really do anything to be honest I feel like both those.

Guys weren’t bad players but the guy who had the double barrel that I was in the fight with last you know like out of the to the last guy when he shot me once of the double barrel he didn’t have another shell inside of it he had to reload because he was shooting who for.

Who knows what reason before that he was able to shoot twice there then I would have died that’s where that guy messed up well guys I want to say that we should just call it a day they’re a pretty good day.

We didn’t die at all lots of PvP.

A pretty fun dance I just call it off there though and go and edit up some of this shit right now we could learn.

Clothes gloves anything to just use up scraps just cuz I don’t want to get.

Raided and just give people scrap like this you know it’s just.

Not what I wanted to do I really don’t know I guess we could do a couple like to level 2 roles you guys down see if we can get like anything decent I made a bitch straight up don’t even carrier not bad already it happy don’t.

Even care what I get next it could literally be some dumb shit yep don’t care not care at all I’m happy with that that’s actually awesome alright guys I’ll see you guys tomorrow my little boys yeah I’ll see you guys tomorrow peace out guys better of battle real mama cop Sarah memo I study.