Compound Bow Warrior! (solo Vanilla Rust #8 S12)

Alright guys now is okay wait four minutes go ahead just turn on a cute little lights over here where are they there they are look at us we’re camping out down here boys we’re camping so just go inside of here drop all that into there awesome we have 1800 scrap holy shit play it over here boys it’s time.

To do this this guy heard man I know that.

He did inside of this fucking bush I think this dude heard me I swore that he did I know where he went that like he went.
Quiet so he went this way the lights in.

The women the bees I don’t care film careful voices to let him in never perfect by any means scars and bitterness under my sleeves putting love into this dude he is sad right now I’d absolutely love to just be nice and everything but okay Wow okay well just get rid of all of that right there just get rid of all the doing holy shit throw all that with just stone tools huh holy shit holy fuck man.

Like that’s a joke some of the most unlucky timing of this dudes of life that I just happened to like be around here I feel so bad he has.

A bag around here and I see him I’ll give him some of it back guys I’ll give them some of it back not all of it just cuz I need some stone for my base and I killed him fair and square I shouldn’t give anything back to them but if.

He does have a bag here he spawns in and I end up seeing them as I’m on my way back then I’ll give him some stuff back I’ll give him all the metal all the sulfur and half of the stones props to him though for just straight-up just fighting man.

That dudes probably logged off the server now logged off the server and just sad but I think this right here is him I feel like that’s him and just to kind of end off this shit.

Right now not even end off anything that comes still gonna be on right now but boom headshot don’t even have to walk don’t even have to look guys don’t even have to look guys I’m trying to be so cool right.

Now by the way was that cool would you say that was cool oh my god I feel kind of cool right now Wow.

By the way guys yes that was first try I swear guys I’m even gonna include some dead silent.

Footage before it of me just like walking up just to show like I’m not doing that shit over and over and over just to try to be cool alright don’t mess with me in the compound bow period just get in they honestly guys I’m pretty bad I’m pretty I’m pretty terrible I.

Want to say that we’re ready to go this right here is like just a very very just fun loadout for me to just to go out with of course other people you know wellthank go out with a semi or some shit.

Like you have the ability to why not it’s just not as fun for me I don’t know why be honest with me guys if you guys have more fun watch me play with this kind of shit and possibly going big or using like a semi going and still going big with that I mean I don’t know yo guys um so.

I actually just now found this out and I went on YouTube and no one actually knows about it there’s actually like an elite create that spawns here it’s like inside like this first room if you guys want to fucking come in here and look basically all you have to do it’s like up here on like this one ledge one minute like I did not ever ever know about this but like yeah they made it.