Mythic Taloc Guide / Frost Dk(bfa)

What is up guys today we’re gonna be taking a look at the mythic oh dear fight talak so in this fight today we’re just talking about the melee stuff super quick super easy I mean I’m pretty sure everybody has plugged this fight on mythic by now and if you haven’t get your guild in here it just grab some.

Friends and do it because it’s so easy it’s free loot especially if you’re a two-hander tank where free mythic weapons so we’re starting.

Off the pool if you notice there’s two marks in the room if you get your.

Blood drop it there use an immunity to get rid of your blood if you can that’s super easy put it on the marks the tanks gonna use the one cudgel you get to soak up all the.

Blood we’re about to see the first mechanic it does a little Aylee smash I use my IMS to get a little bit of burning power from it here’s our second mechanic if you have a red circle around you spread out if you don’t have a red circle stack on the tank you’re.

Gonna see that happen two more times during the fight I think and on the second time on the third time I have two stacks be able to see that actually happen once.

You do that that’s pretty much the entire fight from for the first half of the fight as you see he just did.

This cudgel if you’re far enough away from it you don’t take any damage the closer you are the more damage you take pretty simple yeah so once you get him down.

– I think it’s 36% I think it’s about two here happen in a second he’s gonna walk towards the center of the room and the elevator is gonna start to ads are gonna spawn when ad is going to target a random raid member and go towards them and the off tank needs to intercept the mob just by running into it it’ll knock him back don’t get knocked.

The platform of course and there’s also going to be another ad.

That drops more blood on the floor so the way we deal with this we just have a blood DK he just stands in the blood which you know you can do.

You can kind of sit right here on the outside of they range and try not to take damage just kind of like weave in and out give you healer something to do it’s pretty much just a you don’t.

Get to DPS at this point anyway really now if you see I have my camera angled down I’m looking for the.

Ad and watching for these laser beams on mythic there are just more laser beams that’s the mythic mechanic the second method of getting just more laser beams.

So just find a spot for your raid you have someone in charge for looking for beams and calling out a safe spot you can put a mark down you know in.

This occasion see how we know that we’re safe here all the way down so we’re just gonna stand here all the way down and deal with the ads it’s.

Pretty simple all right well you guys enjoy the rest of the fight and good luck doing this fight on mythic tomorrow or else you’re gonna have a better have a good time watch focus I’ll get the stacks not stayed alive just for you friend only in melee blocked me I can’t get you yeah.

I don’t know I don’t know obviously 17 can’t say pretty quick that that’s thick as hell kind of gets me every day is leaving the ads alive and then like right when they get down.