064 Invest In Your Health

Begin this process of dealing with where you are in your life so it is the mental it is the physical it is taken to consideration your goals and if you’re not clear then I’ll show you how to get clear because it’s a process last point a lot of people in America want to lose.

Weight well I have a unique perspective about.

Weight every extra pound on your body is an indication of how you’re not loving yourself.

A lot of hurt is a lot of pain is a lot of confusion my job as a coach is to move the barriers from that person attaching to their passion I’m going to.

Say this very slowly so we can get this the brain is thought the mouth is spoken the heart is filling and.

The supreme energy in the universe is filling so in order to reverse the paradigm so a person has a.

Thought they speak a word and.

Then there is a feeling in order to change we produce a feeling that produces a thought that programs the mind for better action that’s what we do I love it I love it and so we’ve got a question in the chat from Miss Carol Johnson she’s a longtime follower of the show she has connected me with a couple of previous guests on the show and she always asked some the best question so Carol’s question is mr. Haggin could you please discuss briefly fibroids.

In black women what is your suggestion in attacking these tumors yeah absolutely thank you miss Johnson for.

Your question so fibroids are prevalent in the black community for these following reasons black women unfortunately have been under attack for hundreds and hundreds of years food is an emotion it’s a filling the stomach of a woman represents a sacred chamber so oft.

Times what happens is the woman is still in relationships when the relationship is not there whether it is nurturing the son or a.

Daughter whether it’s in a mature.

Relationship they carry all that and it becomes a part of their body a lot of.

Times the girls night out the eating of late time chocolate.

The eating of ice cream late if a woman eats three times a day and it’s not oxygen water and minerals it shoots the waste back up into the woman’s body into the uterus this is the beginning fibroids is mucus base based.

On dairy products some of them are small some of them are larger what we have to do is we have to number one heat up the body and we heat up the.

Body with my fibroid package so what we do we’re able to dissolve the fibroids we’re able to dissolve them by putting a person on a rainbow diet once.

We put them on a rainbow diet we put the herbs right in their body to dissolve the fibrous dad it’s not gonna let no no one is saying it’s gonna happen overnight there’s work that’s involved but through.

The intensity of heating up the body with a lot of iya verdict or hot herbs such as ginger which is a hot herb that gets into the body I have a plethora of herb every herb is either masculine or feminine so I put together a herbal formula effeminate herbs.

Get into the body to break down the fibroids so that they’re not there but the key of it is is this what foods are causing the fibroids a lot of Mexican food a lot of dairy based products.

A lot of bread so when we can alleviate that and educate a woman into the alternatives and then clean up her body the fibroids won’t come back because a lot of time women go and have the surgery and the fibroids come back why because she hasn’t changed her thoughts she can’t experience a different reality until we change the thought and the root of it is is the food and the emotion so E – motion.

Energy and motion not governed by the higher self creates chaos so we must teach a woman how to emotionally detach from a situation to be the queen and the goddess of her life expression that any person.

That has made a choice not to be there is not an indication of what you’re not it’s an indication of what they choose to be at that moment separate from the emotion of choice of anybody in anyone and allow your children allow your mate to choose and do not use that as a reflection of what you not which you’re not as a woman your value is based upon.

You putting it on yourself nobody people come in in your life for a season and a reason and it’s important to understand this emotional connection so that we.

Don’t get back into this cycle of creating more fibroids a lot of those fibroids represent me and it shouldn’t have been in your life in the first place mmm that’s powerful that is a powerful connection between the emotional baggage and then physical baggage gets built based on that and we.

See we see so much that we don’t recognize the connections and I love not only.

The fact that you can see that there’s a connection but you’ve got the knowledge of being able to break.

Down specifically these are the things that come into your diet or into your life that help to develop these.

These the word tumors is there and I’m gonna use that word kind of both metaphorically and physically right the the tumors emotionally and also the tumors physically they come from the same.

Place but they manifest in different ways depending on the different realms of what’s feeding them which is just really interesting to me thank you so much for answering that.

Carroll says thank you as well so anybody else if you do have questions go ahead and share those as as we do that I want to give a quick.

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