064 Invest In Your Health

Because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get on that track and I’m gonna run with you and as soon as we get close to that mile I’m going to expand your belief zone by saying keep on talking and taking your attention away from the mouth and talk to you.

All the way to a mile and a half and then after it’s over with you’re gonna say wow I did a mile and a half exactly we just expanded your belief now.

Once we expanded your belief the subconscious mind ie through the nervous system can be reprogrammed for you to a change other things that you want to do life is connected and so this is how I get my clients to get results and so those are some of the basic things we got to find that belief zone that’s important well you have just I I ran out of page on the notes so I had to flip to another page it’s just this is this is too much good right now it is it’s honestly.

It’s changing the way that I look at my next several months and I really appreciate that I.

Want to I want to bring us around to Harmony herb company so let’s talk about your your your coaching business your your herb company and the you said there.

There are three components to it that are all basically one package so talk to us about what it is that you offer yes so right.

Now we have a special life coaching for one month and that is for $99 it’s an introductory and so what you get is two sessions with me for 30 minutes a week and so what I do I take it to consideration where the person is that I listen to them and then we put a plan together I’ll hold them accountable and I teach them how the brain works to attain the goals that they want in conjunction with that food is never far.

Away you know one of the things that was done by Western civilization is to separate the disciplines when in truth they’re one so we cannot separate the organ the colon from the liver we cannot separate the liver from the brain but what they have skillfully done is that if you have a spiritual problem then go to this spiritual house of worship if you have.

A mental problem go to the mental ward if you have a physical problem.

Go to that building called hospital where they’re all the same because each one represents a deep different level of consciousness and awareness so with harmony accompany what I observed over the years is I’ve had clients.

That have come to me that I’ve helped to lose a hundred pounds but then some come back two years later and they’re even bigger so what I seek to do is set up a program of coaching because the most powerful tool of transformation is for somebody to know.

That someone cares no matter if you have cancer sickle-cell diabetes Crohn’s disease fry boy myalgia no matter what you have the first step is the coaching is the brain so a harmony herb company you can go there right now and you can click on the store and.

You can see the audiobooks that are there you can see.

The products that are there and you can purchase.

Them but I would love for every single person to take advantage of this opportunity I will provide a free 15 minutes consultation to every person.

That is listening Harmony herb company right now register your information set up a time and we will get on the phone and we will.