064 Invest In Your Health

This is a very.

I’m sure it is for some folks in the audience I’ll reiterate to you if you are watching and listening if you have questions go ahead and toss them into.

The chat the next thing we talked the other day about foods and alternatives because you don’t believe in diets you just believe in choosing better foods so for people who love their foods they love the the joy of eating going on a diet or removing things from their diet that they enjoy is it’s a very intimidating thing something people want to avoid so what are some of the.

Alternatives that you would recommend to people that would provide them the minerals that they need but also will be joyful to eat and can replace some of those deadly foods that we are used to putting into our bodies yes the first thing is that I coach all of my clients with the following it’s okay it’s okay that you had that energy drink it’s okay that you had.

Some coffee it’s okay that you had some wine during the weekend we’re human we’re.

Okay because on the chart of vibration when they.

Did of all human emotions shame is the lowest energy vibration there’s a great book.

Out called power versus force by dr. Dawkins and shame vibrates at the laws so the.

First thing that I do with my clients I never make them feel any.

Shame it’s all right you ate the cupcake it’s all right you ate the 7-up cake okay it’s.

Done we’re gonna leave it alone now let’s get back to work so in that regards so simply simple things that you can do.

Take away the white salt replace it with pink Himalayan salt take away the white rice replace it with quinoa any color that you choose take away the white bread and find some gluten-free bread of your choice there’s many that are out there replace and use grapeseed oil as far as your cooking.

That is excellent maintains a high pH take away the white sugar now this is tough because sugar tastes so good and I understand that you have a couple options you have sukkah nut that you can try you can get it to health food.

Store you can have organic coconut sugar which you can try you can get it to help them store or you can try stevia which you can try or you can use for those that are diabetic cinnamon natural cinnamon is good for those that are diabetic as well so those are some of the brief things.

That you can change and I would like to say this to be successful these are the keys set a short-term goal that you can reprogram your subconscious mind into the new habit you’re.

Willing to take so here’s a quick example let’s say for instance I said.

To everyone that is listening can you run ten miles I would just venture to say most people say no I can’t do that right now okay fine no problem if I said can you run five miles most what’s a little bit too much if I said what can you do one mile most people say you know what.

I think I could do that right when we get you to acknowledge that point that is your belief zone once identify your belief zone now we can take action.