064 Invest In Your Health

The imagination inspiration and the intuition that is all connected to the food that we eat that is the engine for us to move forward that’s beautiful and that makes a lot of more sense to me now tying in your statement of invest in your health and your body will receive the wealth because as I’m understanding it if you don’t take care of those three those three eyes then you’re not going to be in a position to act on your.

Imagination to to to even feel the inspiration that comes to you and then to have that intuition to.

Know which decisions are the right and the wrong decisions to make so you can’t go and build wealth in a situation.

Where your body is not aligned with with.

With the vibrations that that the world or that the universe is is sending out we’re not receiving you need to be in position to.

So that you can then take the right action I feel like that’s what this connection is about but if I’m if I’m off a little bit please let me know no you’re right on it.

And you know years ago they.

Would call money currency and currency is a flow and so when we take into consideration that if every.

Human being was sitting on top of a mountain and every human being had a see and they planted it in the soil and they walked away just by the virtue of being connected to the universe.

It is our birthright to be wealthy we live in an expensive universe so when we walk away the law of germination is taking place now the universe sends us a.

Signal to believe in the magnitude of the light so it doesn’t give no human back one Apple it give us an abundance of apples it’ll get nobody back one orange one.

Lemon it gives you an abundance from one seed the duplication principle in the universe there is expensive we can’t measure the Sun the moon and the stars and the rain of corn and the ocean everything is big the first principle is that is our birthright to be wealthy but wealthy has been accumulated or an understanding about money the first well is a connection with the universe the second well is a connection with your help and.

The third wealth is to do what you love to do so that your soul can answer the field of infinite possibility because when you have no doubt then your dreams are live.

Now are the dream killers and that comes from eating low barger towards food.

Because all of the fear that goes into the cows before they die all of the fear that goes into the PA before they die we’re eating fear we’re eating.

Low vibrations raise up the vibration and we will.

Walk around feeling so much doubt and fear about our dreams your dreams are.

Alive they’re waiting for you to connect with the currency of life that is that is awesome so so going on to the next question that I have.

For you there as you’ve been coaching people as you were actually no I don’t.

Wanna do that because I had another question about something completely separate that I wanted to talk about and I’ll forget about it when we connected to have the conversation about our pre-interview and I asked you two things right I asked you you know what is one thing that you really want to teach people that will have the biggest impact for them and then what is the one thing that you want to.

Is gonna make them want to connect with you and your company and your media response to me was I need to go.

Meditate can I call you back later and no one has ever done that no one has ever said.

Let me actually go and connect and find out what the truth of that answer is before I spout something to you and that really that made an impact on me and I just want to know I want I won’t talk to me.

A little bit more about that process of how you.

I don’t know what you’re connecting.

With the universe with the truth within yourself whatever that is what is it about that process that that works for you yeah it’s a great.

Question and thank you so the thing that I would say is this is that a harmony herb company what I have observed over the years is the following it’s not okay to just give a person.

A diet plan I can do that it’s not okay just to give a person herbs for any healthy issue I can do that what I found for people to receive success is that they need.

Mentoring so what I do I practice an ancient technique of heart rhythm meditation now right now as we’re conversing our hearts are doing what they’re supposed to do but the heart it’s not only pumping blood beyond the physical heart there is the mental heart that has a memory of things that have hurt has a memory of things that is exciting beyond the mental.

Heart there is the poetic heart that comes with music creativity the pearls of life.

And beyond that is the seat of a spiritual existence so when we learn to close our eyes and take a deep breath and be still until we can feel the pulsating of a heart inside of our chest we’re connecting with the deepest impulse of ourselves where the ego has nope the way then the pureness of us go forward are we back we’re back.

Now so so the pureness of that can go forward so for me it is important for me to talk to a client if they say they want a lower.

Their blood pressure cholesterol weight loss no matter what it is the first thing that I do with a client has helped them to understand.

I really want everyone to get a goal without a plan is a wish a goal without a plan is a wish so the first thing for me to listen is that the person says I have high blood pressure where I can give you high blood pressure herbs and it’ll.

Go down temporarily but I deal with route knowledge and so I want to get back to the brain of finding out is it a stressful job.

Stressful relationship once I get to the root then I can begin to coach them mentally my herb business and my health coach business and my mentoring that’s all one package and so what’s important for me is to let a person know that yes I found out.

That you have high blood pressure I gave you herbs it came down but three months later it came back the person does not need a herb they need a tool of transformation to master that teaching lesson that has shown up in their life and that’s what I do that’s different than anybody else is out there I’m a teacher of the mental that controls the body 11 that makes sense and so that does roll right into the next piece that I was gonna ask you about which.

Is you know all of us have different things that that affect us health-wise mentally but I’m sure.

That in your business and in the last 23 years of work you’ve come across some very common things some common kind of low-hanging fruit if you will that if people would just take these two or three actions and understand them it will make a big change in their lives can you give.

Me a few of those examples yes when you wake up in.

The morning time follow the principle of nature when you’re waking you.

Have just your body is working and you’re standing up most people have a little crust of mucus in the corner of their eye most people are groggy and tired after you.

Wash your face and brush your teeth and you stand up when you wake up in the silence of the morning oxygen.

Water and minerals take a moment and put some water in your body breathe deep ten times and just be still the sacred hours are between 4 & 6 a. that’s when you hear a highly-evolved to being.

Called birds that are singing and praise to the universe it’s that time before the appearance of the Sun in the east to awaken your dreams so before.

You go to work before you run your business before you begin oxygen water and minerals and what I’d like to do is that I like for every person to eat something in the morning time that represents life it can be a bowl of blueberries it can be some cantaloupe it can be which has vitamin C.

It could be some watermelon which is 92 percent water a lot of vitamin E and it helps to detoxify the liver it can be a side barrier which is brain food it can be a Kiwi which boosts the immune system and fight.

Flus and colds whatever it is that first thing in the morning that’s sacred time connect with nature and when you connect with nature you’re beginning your day on a positive -.

Bit of meditation and something from nature to begin your day that’s what every person can do every morning I love it Wow and so not only is that actionable but it’s so very simple to me you know that that touches me in the way of so one I hate getting up in the morning I’m a.

Very my bed as my best friend type person but when I do get up my first my first thing that I put.

In my body is usually something I shouldn’t be which is an energy drink I’m sitting right here next to me so that I got away from those when I did the detox and when I’ve done those and when I’m when I’m doing that when I’m putting in foods that come straight from the earth drinking a lot of water I don’t need these.

And I know that to be true I know that I have more energy that lasts throughout the day and a more vibrant when I don’t have these but when I step away from that and start making poor decisions I get to a point.

Where I can’t make it through the day.

Of these energy drinks and it’s it’s almost like a it’s like my body is telling me and I know the right thing to.

Do you need to get connected again because this.