064 Invest In Your Health

Hold on one second with what you’re saying because I’m having a hard time hearing the.

Possum Jemaine hello yes right here can you hear me I can hear you now so most of that last part we completely missed our internet connection was bad and we missed most of what.

You said what I want to do real quick and I’m sorry cuz I know you were that was hot I was I was taking notice and I was like oh and he cut out right at that moment so here’s what I want to do real quick is first for the folks who are in the chat if you have any questions for Jermaine if you can go ahead and start throwing those into.

The chat but I want to go back and there’s two things I was trying to take notes on that you were talking about that I need to have complete so the first one is you said a dream is a message from something to something about something.

That made me get goosebumps can you say tell me that part again so that I can give you an entire note down yes a dream is a message from your eternal self to your present self to believe in your unlimited.

Self to believe in your unlimited self that is just that’s too powerful and the next thing you told us there are three eyes of success and you were talking about the brain the stomach and there was another thing and I had the only eye that I got was imagination and then I a cut out so can you if you don’t mind can you go back through the things.

That you were telling us about the three eyes of success so that not only can we capture it for the podcast but also the folks.

Who were listening live did not hear that part at all we were we were basically disconnected yes sir so the three eyes are success is the brain imagination.

The heart inspiration the stomach intuition you remember years ago you can hear your mom and your grandma would say you know can just fill it in my stomach don’t go over there that’s a bad.

Boy this is going to happen it’s going to happen because the vibration of the earth was different at that time and our parents were more closer to the vibration at that time so those are the three eyes that success but those three eyes connect with what.

We put in our body here’s a quick example of that let’s say for instance.

That a person is having an issue with their stomach okay so behind the.

Stomach is a pancreas that secretes the digestive enzymes so what I would look at I would.

Say to a person okay do you have oxygen water and minerals in your diet do you have fiber in your diet what takes place is this is that if in fact the average colon in America weighs 8 pounds but it’s.

Supposed to weigh 4 pounds you’re clogging your intuition the moment that I give a person my detox formula from harmony herb company and they start taking it in about five to.

Seven days and we have our teaching and our training they begin to have more intuition why because two things can occupy the same space at the same time the stomach is supposed to.

And it is a brain that is connected with your intuition we’re all just one step away from.

A breakthrough based upon understanding the science of food and how it connects with us so success based upon these three eyes.