064 Invest In Your Health

Headache from not having caffeine my energy levels.

Were up my attention level was up.

I’m already a smart guy but it felt like I was just problem solving was was no problem at all and my body started transforming it got slimmer my energy was incredible my joints didn’t hurt and it felt like I was in my 20s again and you know we we get fed all of this noise.

About having to work hard get in the gym and do all these kinds of things to transform our bodies when changing the foods that we eat usually have a much more profound effect in much shorter time.

So what would you say about the the people out there who are pushing how hard you’ve got to work to to take control of your body what would you say about that well you know there are myriad of different schools of thoughts and I’m not one to get into dogma if someone has found something that works for them that is great.

With respect of that school of thought I will simply say this is that your body will respond more powerfully to the thoughts action is secondary the reason that action is secondary is because we’re a spiritual beings having a spiritual experience but we have.

The electrical power of the brain to vibrate to call into existence what we want to experience being is such sure there is work that is a part of the physical experience sure there’s discipline sure there is dedication but the first thing to take into consideration is this if you were to look at your body and you were to say okay if I eat three meals a day seven days a.

Week that’s twenty-one absorptions and twenty-one eliminations now what is it that I put into my body if my body quote unquote for the sake of the conversation could be a replica of a car if in fact you view your body as a Rolls Royce as a Ferrari you’re not going to go to the 99 cents gas station and put in 87 gas inside of that car the same is.

True when we get quick fast food to eat bear in mind this this is simplistic every human being has a dream a dream is a message from your eternal self to your present self to believe in your unlimited self so when you have the power of food that is can.

Nurture and develop your body then the investment into your physical health is the supreme investment your brain is your bank of business to allow you to experience.

The fullness of this life expression eating healthy is not something that people should see as expensive because nothing is more beautiful precious and expensive than you it’s the supreme investment in yourself and when you do this things begin to change why because between the shortest distance between two points of where you are and where you want to go it is perspective how do you change your perspective very quickly your stomach is a brain so I always tell people this there are three eyes of success the brain imagination the heart inspiration the.

Solar plex are the stomach intuition when you put the right foods in your body your.

Intuition enhances we are always.

One step away a break from a breakthrough but it’s hard to have a breakthrough when the thoughts so our internet connection is bad for the moment.