064 Invest In Your Health

Our body shall receive the wealth is based upon going back to nature because nature nurtures our nature oxygen water and minerals every day awesome and and you also you gave me some some knowledge about and you said all health begins in the brain or all of our there’s something that you said that.

That struck me talk to me a little bit about that we want to change our bodies but it all starts up here yes absolutely so if we get help predominately in the black or african-american community if we go back in time we certainly started.

Health movement George Washington Carver coming up to Elijah Muhammad his book how to eat to live – dr. John Henry Clark to individuals that encouraged us to eat a little bit healthier.

Dick Gregory we’re talking about dr. say B and a whole host of other.

Holistic health practitioners they are.

Were giving us the fundamental principles of health we have evolved to a different level of understanding now here’s an example doctor say be a great man love and respect to him work with him he taught that all disease begins about of mucus and that we have too much mucus in our body that’s true but the reality of it is is that you have to make a conscious choice to.

Choose food that have dairy in it to produce the mucus inside of your body so it’s not so much of what comes inside of our body but.

It is the brain that makes the choice.

So we first have to educate the brain we first must help people to understand is that this computer right here this infinite field of opportunity and potential we must be re-educated we must download new intellectual capital to understand how this brain works in relationship to the food that we choose.

So here’s a quick example when we wake up in the morning time we can wake up and have zero points of power or a hundred points of power so when you look at your food actually self this question.

And bear in mind this the supreme symbol of intelligence.

Is the question mark so if the supreme symbol of all symbols is the question mark then we begin our day with a quest I on quest I on question and what is the.

Question that you have once I consume this food does it give me more energy more vitality does it spark creativity does a spark ambition determination or does it cause my body to experience dis-ease is.

That oxygen water or minerals or is it something that is mucus based is it something that is going to clog up my body extra set that question as you’re beginning that.

Day and as you do that you’re gonna open up from quest ion to a quest of totally understanding.

The power of your body and how your body can be used as a tool of the brain to further your ambition based upon the.

Food that you use hmmm so without understanding in in that depth I’ve experienced this a couple years ago I.

Did my first detox with my wife she had done it before me because I was very reluctant to give up all of my.

My fatty and horrible foods but the first time that I did it I experienced a complete body transformation over the course of 30 days after the first 3 or 4 days losing the the withdrawal.