064 Invest In Your Health

Notes pure inspiration out of meditation this.

Book has the exact solution for police brutality the waking up our people into a racing group economics helping our people to put forth a new paradigm so that we can see the old institutions that we have used have not worked we do not have to sing songs we do not have to beg and beseech the power is within us and.

So this book it has released the new black Wall Street a new mindset for black America is an awesome awesome experience last point what.

We do is we identify businesses that fit the model and we cash mob them we set a date we invite members of the community to come on out to donate a minimum of ten dollars to that business to sit there.

To buy goods and services but we get the owner to embrace a new mindset so that we want them to be more organized more professional to respect the recycling of the black dollar is powerful but we must have businesses to embrace a new thinking you see the challenge in our community is the following we’re trying to bring old institutions that are proven to be a failure into a new reality we don’t have to have any more debates all we have to do is say to all organizations.

Produce the data that we can see if it’s worth our time to invest we can look at all the institutions all the institutions have fantastically failed us so we must need a new mindset.

And that’s where the book come in a new mindset for black America and you can go to Harmony herb company.com click on the store get this book and I guarantee that you will say this is new this is fresh this.

Is powerful makes sense every.

Black person in America needs this book I love.

It absolutely and so with that I’m going to ask you give us a little bit of information where is the best place for people to contact you I know that you’ve given us harmony herb.

You’ve you’ve told us to connect with you at the website in order to get a free consultation just hit us again best place to contact you if we have questions if we want to connect for coaching or if we want to connect.

With the new black Wall Street how do we find you yes I thank you for that so first if you feel comfortable because a lot of people have a lot of health issues that they wanted to keep private.

So I want to say this if a person has hiv/aids STDs don’t be shamed don’t be embarrassed I’m here with love and life to help you if you want to reach.

Me privately you can reach me at c-e-o and BWS at gmail that CEO new.

Black Wall Street at gmail if you want to do it that way go directly to harmony or a GRB company fill out the questionnaire and you can leave a message and I will contact you you.

Also can read on Facebook at Germain je are a I the last name Hagan H a g8 in and you can request.

Me as a friend and I’ll be more than happy to talk to you on that platform as well and please share this information with your family members with your friends I’m here to serve our community and I thank you for giving me this opportunity absolutely and that brings us to the final question of the day so before I ask that final question last time for anybody in the chat if you have questions that have gone on answered so far if you have the question someone else.

May have the question so you got a few more minutes to get it in I’m.

Gonna ask my final question I have for Germain and then if we have anything else in the chat we’re gonna close out with that so Germain I always have to ask my final question of the show what is your number one piece of advice for the listening community as a whole the number one piece of advice for the listening community is this develop a new mindset insanity is doing the same thing over.

And over again and expecting a different result in order for us to change anything and our individual lines or our community we must have the courage to look at all the things in our life and do analysis if in.

Fact it’s a relationship if if that is with your child if in fact is with your community we must begin to analyze our choices life is choice you can’t do better until you know better knowledge is in characters that have changed we must download a new intellectual software and that is from a new mindset for black America that’s what I want to hit home that point that is a.

Tool that’s the transformation right there that’s beautiful I love it well Jermaine thank you so much for joining me this has been a transformational episode thank you to everybody who joined us today live in the chat I beseech you tag somebody in this video once it gets posted tag somebody who needs it share it on all of your channels and connect people with by black podcasts the voice of.

This is what we’re about we’re about growth we’re about development we are about love you don’t have to be black to listen you don’t have to be black to learn you don’t have to be black to grow and to use the services the only prerequisite is being black as a business owner to come on to the show but as you can see we are building quality content for everybody to improve our our connection as a community and universally and so.

I love that all of you are connecting with us I love that you’re there help us continue to grow and again hit that subscribe now link so that you can get all of the other content that we have developed with vibe like podcasts and with that we are out of here thank you so much.

I know we’ll be talking real soon thank you so much peace and blessings absolutely.