064 Invest In Your Health

Gonna go out and my wife is gonna look at me and she’s gonna give.

Me that side I like mm-hmm what about them the me energy drinks but she’s not because you told her not.

To shame me baby no shame no shame no shame but I want to root I want to roll into the next phase here and I want to ask you kind of our lightning.

Round questions in the end the first one is what is the biggest challenge that you have ever faced and how did you overcome it or what did you learn from it yes the biggest child I said I’ve ever faced 13 years ago my beloved mother made her transition and it was right during the time when the economy was shaky I lost both of.

My jobs I lost my home and I was homeless temporarily with my children and one of the things that I learned about that period is this is.

That no matter what you go to go through in life the brain has what is called a blind spot and so what happens is.

That the emotion of that circumstance didn’t allow me to see opportunities that was all around and so one night I was sitting in my car and was in a big old parking lot and I had my daughter with me and I was sitting there thinking how life is unfair.

And as I sit there I heard my intuition tell me look to the left and I look to the left and I said ah I saw old friend of.

Mines I didn’t have no cell phone I had no money I was really really in a tough.

Time and I start dreaming his name he turned around and came he’s like man what you doing long story short he put me in my daughter in a hotel for a month.

Gave me some money and said man we’re gonna get you back together and that was the spark to go forward in every challenge of life nothing is happening to you everything is happening through you to reveal to to you.

This mastery that waits for you of this particular moment but when we get so in the mindset of being a victim we.

Can’t see the equivalent of the blessing in this trial because we have that blind spot we only see 50% of reality because the universe is spending so fast but whenever there’s a challenge and their challenges and losing your parent losing your home not having money those are serious but guess what there were chat there are opportunities all around.

Able to see them because I was trapped in my emotions hmm wow wow.

You speaking you speaking to us speaking of me definitely so the next question I have for you is tools so a lot of the people who come on the show just like yourself.

Business owners entrepreneurs and we’re always looking for the tools that are gonna save us time money and energy or our resources I know my favorite tool that I use is my online appointment scheduler 10-8 com it just keeps everything structured and organized for me makes running this podcast really really.

Simple what tools do you use in your business either digitally or in person that save you time and energy and and help you be a better entrepreneur and business owner meditation meditation is the most important tool because meditation allows me to have the focus focus is the to collapse a myriad of thought into one stream of thinking when I wake up in the morning and I immediately go back to my previous vibratory thought from the.

Previous day this creation dividin but when I correct that with my meditation it is my internal energy computer that allows me to prioritize and to take things in a holistic way versus de-stress the agitation think of it this way wake up in the morning time and imagine we’re rushing to get our child to school but it’s a fall well there’s two things we could do you can turn on your high beams and try to just roll down the window and.

Rush through the fog and risk your life and getting your child to school or you could be wise and sit there and allow the.

Cloud to rise meditation is like that in the morning time when you’re able to be still it is that sacred time so every customer can get the best of you we are investing in conversation.

We are a community communing with each other from being authentic first communicate with yourself then the conversation becomes authentic when we convert with others those are great tools that you use there are many other great tools but the first thing is that you want.

A download from the universe in your brain of inspiration that is the first thing so before you touch that computer can touch the computer board of your heart to allow it to download new software that you will be at your best for the day okay so download from the universe I need you to say these I’m writing so many notes because this is this is so powerful tell me again download from the universe the software of today the soft so that you can authentically communicate with your clients they can get.

The best of you and you can have the best of them through an authentic exchange you know meditation allows.

You to have I’m sorry go ahead No please I was just saying I’m gonna make sure I write down this word authentically because that I think that’s the crux of what you are talking about right here yes meditation allows you to have the most powerful perspective whether you are in real estate whether you are in Investment Banking whether you are in selling goods no matter what you do please take.

This into consideration the Bank of you is a superior banking and when you can make a deposit in the morning before any customers come within your store of you it is the most powerful thing because you will be able to communicate with them the energy the.

Authenticity and the courage will be there because business is exchange and having it be an exchange we want to be at our best that’s why my affirmation is I am Jermaine and I’m at my best when you’re at your best nothing can.

Stop you hmm I love it I love it so now before we wrap up the show with our final question two.

Things I want to do I want to circle back to the new business leadership and knowledge black Wall Street talk to me a little bit more about what this this organization and how we can get connected yes absolutely so new black Wall Street we.

Just released a new book and it’s called a new mindset for black American this is the most important book in black America the reason being is the following it is truly.

Inspired from w EBD voices book in the 1900s the souls of black folks in this book that I did on a Sunday without any.