064 Invest In Your Health

I’ll just go live all right so we have gone live I’m gonna wait a second and I’m going to wait till it pops up and let me invite people and I’m going to just invite a whole bunch of people right now okay all right I’ve invited everybody that I can invite all right so hey and Derek just jumped.

In all right so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna take that ten seconds of silence and then once we do the ten seconds of silence I’ll come in with the introduction and then we’ll get rolling so.

No other questions for me no sir ready to go all right so we’ll start that 10 seconds of silence now hey everybody welcome back to buy black podcast the voice of black business you are joining us with episode number 64 by Black podcast live on Facebook and I have with me mr. Jermaine Hagan Jermaine is the CEO of the new black Wall Street he is also the CEO of harmony herb company Jermaine thank you for joining me today yes sir thank you for inviting me yeah absolutely and for all.

Of you who are joining us live for the show Jermaine is gonna be taking questions during the show I am also going to be taking questions during the show you guys are gonna be a part of the show as much as you engage with us and this is gonna be a show today we’re gonna be talking all about how you can know better and make better decisions regarding your.

Health so that you can live a happier more prosperous lifestyle before we get into it a couple of housekeeping things if you are watching right now from your phone I want you to go.

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We definitely want to make sure that you become a part of the community now talking about Jermaine he has been in service.

To the black community for the last 23 years he has been a vegan for the last 16 years he is a holistic health coach.

And we connected and immediately I said I need exactly what this man is bringing.

To the table and so since I’m not an expert in it and he is I’m gonna shut my mouth Jermaine tell us a little.

Bit about your background and let’s get this thing rolling thank you for having me on your show my journey began at the age of 17 at the age of 17 I began to question everything that I was taught subsequently.

That led me to go down and study at Los Angeles Central Library and basically I began to live there I began to discover so many things.

That we had been taught we’re not often to that let me on my personal journey from there as I began to study history science politics I got the discovery of help pretty much by accident and subsequently as I began to study health I begin to understand that health just like the other things were based upon.

Intellectual capital we can’t do better until we know better but knowledge is incorrect words that have changed and as I begin to study people begin to ask me questions.

Family members of course these were the first people that were willing to allow me to practice on.

Them without trying to Soumya anything so it was family members that would say what can you do for high blood pressure what can you do for cholesterol what can you do for this subsequently the genesis of.

This all was the birth of my first child samaya Malia Shabazz who was born at home natural childbirth no medication no assistance from doctors and she was born at home with her eyes open healthy vibrant and strong she’s 24 years old now and that continued the journey to.

Food does to our body and how it affects our levels of consciousness and.

From there I began to study with the myriad of holistic health practitioners dr. Goss doctor savvy and it has led me to the point to where I’m at now so that’s a little bit about my background born and raised in Los Angeles California come.

Family seven brothers and two sisters I am the baby in the family and so I’m a proud father of four beautiful children that mean the world to me and I have been dedicated to.

The education to the commitment to the upliftment of our community since I was 17 years old and I’ve made a somewhat of a holistic connection.

To the social the political and the economic that connects with the world of health that I will explain more in detail later yeah absolutely and you know every time that we talk you know I do the normal things.

Like hey how are you doing and the first thing you say to me every single time is I’m at my best talk to me a little bit about what that means to you yes sir so that’s my personal affirmation I am at my best I affirm whenever we say the word I am and whatever we put after.
That is an affirmation that the universe hears.

And that our kabbadi heels so I constantly tell people I am at my best I claim that I affirm that that every cell every organ every gland of my body is at its best because I’m leaving I’m living I’m breathing that means that my dreams our lives my hopes and my wishes and nothing in this physical dimension is going to deter my.

Germain and I am at my best no that is beautiful I love it and also before we get into the main part.
Of the conversation I know we’re gonna be.

Talking about holistic health and harmony herb company today but we.

Also you reached out to me because of the new.

Black Wall Street and the fact that I’ve got the the by black the voice of black business podcast so talk to us quickly about what the new black Wall Street is about what what those what that acronym is for actually.

The blk as well and let’s just let’s quickly talk about that because I know it’ll come back up later yes sir so four years ago I started.

An organization called new blk Wall Street the BL K stands for business leadership and knowledge it’s an acronym that represents what we need in our.

Community you know beyond the fact that we can’t do better until we know better I began to study the history of black Wall Street and as I began to study it I saw a myriad of solutions that was there so new black Wall Street exists today as a think-tank to affect the collective consciousness of our people to help them to understand one key point at.

The height of the original black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma the black dollar circulated for a hundred days the tragedy of today is that the black dollar circulates for six hours so group economics is a solution to the myriad of problems that we have in our community so I started this and continued on this program of raising the consciousness of our community I love it I love it and we will definitely come back to talk more about that later because.

You know that is the same mission that I have for this show I first started this show with the name by black build the new black Wall Street and it was definitely no mosh to the same Greenwood Oklahoma community and though I’ve rebranded the.

Spirit of that is still behind while we’ve got this podcast and you know we just continue to grow and network and find more people who have that same viewpoint and as we build these connections and build this network eventually I know we will it will coalesce all of it into one collective and conscious being and and I feel like that’s where you’re going that’s also where I’m going but you also you.

Just kind of led right into the beginning of the major part of our conversation you said to do better we have to know better and moving back to the conversation about holistic health we talked the other day and you were talking about some things that we need to know and understand in order for us to even be in position to take better control of our health so let’s talk about that for a little bit what do we need to know about health in order for.

Us to start taking control absolutely so the first thing is that I like to use acronyms and I like to explain things in a very simplistic way the Trinity of health is oxygen water and minerals the universe is designed this way vegetation is designed this way so when we look at our bodies our bodies are replicas of the soil what we need to know is that our bodies work in conjunction with nature so when you follow this principle when you look at a Apple.

And you see an apple what does it have.

Oxygen water and minerals everything in nature follows this principle so in order for us.

To live the fullness because the body is a vehicle of the brain the brain controls the body the brain is predominantly water the brain needs minerals the brain needs oxygen I like to look at it like this there are seven openings on the.

Human head there are seven colors of the spectrum so every fruit and vegetable in nature has a color to correspond with a different organ.

Or gland in our body but the seven openings on the brain represents the.

Pathway of transformation that we would be able to eat food ie purple based food so let’s say for instance blueberries blueberries.

Are some of the most amazing and a powerful brain food that we wake up in the morning time we’re.

Looking for that extra spark that what we get up out of those blueberries so when we talk about some things that we need to know we need to understand that investing in our health so that.