Wheelzgaming And Erin Rodgers

Get back to it because once guys get out of that mentality of firing out and hitting people hard to get them started again occasionally then.

After the play on the ground that brings up second down here there’s Val and he’s going to get this one down to the 32 yards on the carry there and it’s going to lead him to third down in my book that’s running the ball well.

But with intelligence how about him keeping the clock move and staying in bounds yeah even though it’s the third quarter you’re thinking ahead aren’t you this is where your running game can really help you with a lead in the second half I agree totally it’s not just end of the half situations that you worry about the clock it’s throughout the game then will the lead stay in bounds make them fight harder to try and catch him he’s going to have a first down.

Here as he gets this one to the 17 yard line the passing game in rhythm right now for Pittsburgh there’s another first down okay how many times we see it I still get a kick out of watching quarterbacks and receivers do the pass tree in pregame warmup but I always remember that when.

We go to practices we see that after practices as well they’ve ended up don’t they they.

Tune it up they know why they do it for these situations first down and they build that trust and that’s why they’re able to find him in this type of a.

Situation a gain of six their first exactly is gonna be saved that that plate in the defensive perspective what’s them that’s why I tell all you guys we need more than one tackler to the ball it broke the first tackle luckily enough there were more people there to get him down they’ll go back to the grounded Bell and he’ll take this one inside.

The 10 down to the aid it’s a gain of three on what will.

Be the final play of this third quarter the recipe is pretty simple I think brain there’s a give your superstar back now in.

Pittsburgh dealer football and they have the lead as well as we begin quarter number four this will be play number seven on.

The drive third and a yard to throw macaron the wise decision there no one open he just throws it away and that keeps the field-goal on.

The table as its fourth down perhaps they over thought this one.

A little bit they’ve been running a real well on this Drive and it was third and short okay they decided to throw the football incomplete yeah they thought just a little bit too hard about that close to them.

They’ll go forward with them just a yard but that’s all.

They needed and by the slimmest of margins it’ll be first and goal starting to look like this drive it may be the final nail in the coffin but this is why you work out so hard right this is why you spent all that time in the offseason.

This is why you have this OTAs and mini camps for.

These situations these scenarios to run someone into the ground and secure a victory is.

Gonna take you in for a Steeler touchdown from six yards away.

And the Steelers are gonna have they were still trolling with the comfortable lead here and your first thought is it’s a bad one they’re.