Wheelzgaming And Erin Rodgers

Both teams appear ready for the fight ahead and we resume action here in quarter number three to return here’s michael campin then it’s a pretty good return here as he’ll get it up to the 29 yard line now come the Ravens now they’ll go on offense first here in this third quarter and on that last Drive went for.

It on fourth turned it over a good job by their defense though they held them to 3 but this offense they’ve got to be a little bit better a little bit more careful here and sometimes when you see these calls on fourth.
They decide to go for it it’s not necessarily the coach saying I believe.

In my offense sometimes the coach said I believe in my defense I can afford to go forward here because if we don’t get that in his mind going into the game that I’m gonna be aggressive on offense because I know I’ve got a defensive hold up their end they phrase it staying on schedule staying ahead of the sticks whatever.

You want to call it seven yards on first down that fits the bill often staying ahead of the.

Chains here second and three play fake its Fitzpatrick he’s just going to get rid of this thing – no one here he throws it away and now it’s third what’s the old adage be quick but don’t hurry now that went right out the window there that ball had to be getting rid of otherwise he’s gonna get sacked the Ramon’s on third down hold for.

Three to this point they could use a conversion here it’s.

Third and three now handoff here to his running back we’ll get this up to about the 38-yard just a gain of two there and it’s gonna bring up a fourth down well they’re open in the second half is better for him than the first half they’ve gotta find a way to get him going is a big part of their offense there’s Sam.

Cook now as he’s on to punt for Baltimore 46 on his first kick this one in that neighborhood as well and.

This will hit just beyond the goal line as its into the end zone for a touchback time.

For the Steelers offense now to get set for their first possession of half number two this is sort of what you would call the put away drive as a score here especially a touchdown it’s almost out of reach it certainly feels that way and I think that they’re gonna call their plays accordingly because what you really want to do even though you know the scoreboard is still up there and the game’s going to go on I think you can take the spirit.
Away from another team that their drive and will to.

Come back and win can be taken and another score right here still 3rd quarter.

Right there on the break daddy’s man complained over the middle that’s brown now gonna pick up their 22 wants that prototypical wide-receiver you know the 6-3 200 plus pound got like a Julio Jones and AJ green a Dez Bryant Antonio Brown just shatters that doesn’t he smaller in stature but still able to use.

His quickness his elusiveness and his strength to create big plays now a play fake here on first down though he’s got a man wide open to play.

And he’s going to get this out of the way damn it said the 35 goes for 24 yards Bell give him a couple on the carry there second and eight this what happened sometimes when you abandon the running game it’s hard to.