Squeeze It, Pull It, The End | Healthy Feet Podiatry, Tampa, Wesley Chapel And Brooksville

Leo Kravitz iotv podiatry got a good case here ingrown nails on both sides at the big toe take a look you can see I put the tourniquet on and there’s already pus coming out of the toe when I push on it you can see that it’s actually there’s not as much coming out anymore but more came.

I initially put the tourniquet on what I’m gonna do is loosen this toenail up right now there may be more under there maybe almost if it came out already we’re gonna loosen both sides and take both sides of the nail out this patient’s had issues before in the past with this me to feel.

A little bit better a little bit of the redness went away but then came back again so now we are going to take the sides.

Of the nails out permanently I did not see the patient two weeks ago but now that there’s pus coming out again and we’re gonna have to put the patient on antibiotics again because it’s still infected so now we’re going to take these both of these sides out here I’m clipping the sides piece of the.

Nail uh-huh and we will slowly pull these out of here so we get every bit of the nail that’s digging in there so I’m clamping down on the nail and we’re gonna turn and pull this slowly out there we go.

And this one’s not as terrible on this side this was not my side with the.

Pus now we’re gonna go to the side with a pause and see what comes out of there and see how significant this one is too so I’m gonna clamp in here and we’re gonna drive this field off so we can see and I’m.

Gonna slowly well let’s see what we get here it looks like somebody was already cutting in and you can see that’s.