Ltd Kellen Winslow! Legend Ed Reed & Steve Smith – Madden 19 Legend Fantasy Pack Opening

Two more ledger fantasy packs after this we also have clutch packs which I might just rip it those two with coins and then uh.

Yeah so for the best after that we get it a mucky roast guard always nice to get those anything here we get a Golden Tate Steve Hutchinson and Andrew Whitworth to take him you know so that we.

Could do at least one of the upgrade packs maybe we.

Could do two I think we’re only gonna be able to do one but we shall see all right ah we are like I said we got enough points to do two more of these legend packs so let your fancy packs come on man I need a limited-time pole in my life I need that Kelly once I actually really like the look of that Calvin Winslow I’m hoping he’s on the market near the end of this video because uh he looks good.

He definitely looks good definitely want to pick him up try to do a gameplay for you guys I know you guys really like the gameplay so I’ll try to do more gameplays weed.

I’m more than hope for each sidekick we get a big legend piece here 89 edy Reed okay every pull hashtag clickbait but no 89 degree that’s a pretty awesome pool man he just came out so that’s cool the second biggest piece would be nice to get that version v5 piece I don’t know why they call it v5 before but I bet.

89 ed Reed wonder what he looks like actually 87 speed 91 playwright 90.

Just 89 ed Reed actually doesn’t look that bad either so yeah okay maybe the stragglers are the.

Move here maybe uh the bundles just don’t have to look but the stragglers do all right one more pack one more of these legend fantasy packs and then like I said we will probably rip some of the or I’ll rip some of the clutch clutch packs because I do have the.

Stragglers for the clutch packs get them up here Scott Big.

Mike Harris card 86 Stefan Dick’s alter ego 85 Devonta Freeman and 85 Eddie.

George I think the Stefon Diggs all right um yeah I feel like the stragglers are like mouths better than anything we.

Pulled from that bundle so yeah I don’t know about that man I don’t know about that we.

Got ten clutch packs a lot of packs being opened right now we are guaranteeing an elite in this pack right yeah so hoping for the best just.

Hoping for the best man I need I need I need it man I need that limited time pull.

In my life we had a big ultimate kick.

Off guard not really 84 KJ right I mean so on a leap ultimate kick off guard and that is that I don’t know how much ultimate kick off cards go for nowadays but yeah I’ll take it I’ll take that guard next pack next clutch back come out just just lob it.

Into this pack right now okay we got a team of the week elite Calvin Ridley all right cool I guess what is that week three for three or four I think that.

Team of the week one of them one of those team of the weeks we’re getting promo cards you.

Get another mug hero start here 82 Chris Thompson we’re getting promo cards added these clutch packs as our elites I just need that promo card to be legend you know limited time legend that’s all I need it to be here we.

Go come on all right we gonna leave big elite yeah Mitchell Schwartz elite token food right there five more clutch packs and then like I said we could do the thing we do at least one of the sets we do at least one of the upgrade.

Sets possibly to my heroes card Ethan Westbrook’s we get to elites though always nice to get the two leads hello these cost over 40k coins so don’t think we’re making our coins back on it right now we need a big poll we need a big pool to make our coins back here get a.

Leonard Williams all right all right three more packs three more packs come on ultimate kick off another big ultimate kick off 84 not big alley ultimate kick off alley ultimate kick off guard 84 Jonathan.

Joseph like guys are not really sure how much that car goes for I doubt it goes for anywhere near 40k but you never know you never know what these promo cards all right uh was it two more two.

More packs Jamie Collins alright one more pack one more pack of dreams right here come on let’s Cultch it out clutch back.

Let’s clutch it out in the clutch back right here right now Michael Bennett that is not that is not a limit time card all right let’s.

Go into the the set see how many of the UH if I have to like buy one card then I could just buy one card but let’s see how many upgrades that spaghetti we definitely do one I know that for a fact we could do one okay we do one of these.

Uh you know I might do two I might do two we might buy the just buy the other two cards and then uh we’ll go from there all right 86 plus legends player 91 Steve.

Smith okay we pulled the best Steve Smith card okay I’m happy with that definitely happy with that 91 Steve Smith that’s a good pull from this upgrade.

Set let’s uh let’s get let’s do one more of these let’s go 91 season it was a huge pool man definitely a big pole 86 plus the Legends player 91 there.

We go No Limit a tide pool but we pulled the best card out of the two legends that came out today dude these legend upgrade sets might be them I might.

Have to do a video where I rip like a bunch of these.

Want to see that let me know in the comments down below I might do that for a video tomorrow kind of glitchy kind of glitchy Wow that was uh that was kind of wild that was kind of wise so we pulled the best cards from the.

The new legend sets that’s that’s amazing man 91 ed Reed 91 C Smith pretty good 640 Kay’s going for that’s pretty much a.

Limited time pool right like I’m just gonna say it it’s pretty much a limit on pool 346 K for the Steve Smith those are two huge pools that we just got Wow Mike I said if you guys want to see that uh if you guys want to see who you rip like a bunch of them maybe like.

I don’t know 10 10 of those for a video maybe I don’t know maybe a little bit more let me know in the comments down below because uh yeah though that’s pretty crazy we did two of them we got the two best cards in the in the set all right so we got Calvin Winslow on the market.

94 overall tied and like I said really liked to look at this card 86 feet 76 78 strength 93 catching 90 catch in traffic 93 spec catch 91 short.

Route run 90 medium route run 76 run block yeah really like to look at the car what million coins is definitely a lot of coins he is a 94 overall now and like I said he is essentially a little bit.

Faster a little bit stronger for a lot stronger Jordan Reed similar catching similar catch in traffic a little bit better spec catch same shorter outrun pretty much the same medium run same run walking so if you can’t afford the Kellen Winslow maybe you look towards this Jordan Reed because I’m pretty sure Jordan Reed has dropped in price a lot by now.

He’s only a 90 over all powered up.

So yeah so what that looks like I can took him believe that we pulled the the two best cards from the.

Set I need to sell those ASAP I think or no I definitely need to sell Mesa I was like yeah I could do the set but no definitely need to saw him ASAP ed Reed Wow there’s still only one on the market here so so what entry looks like like I said plus 1 from the 92 no limited time pools but 2 pretty good pools.

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Like I said if you guys want to see that legend upgrade set like a bunch of packs of those let me know in the comments down below I’ll try to get that down for.

Guys tomorrow I’m gonna try to pick up this Kellen Winslow for a gameplay for you guys later today – on the screen right now to the left is gonna be the last video I uploaded on the Redskin be a random video just click on the screen.

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