Ltd Kellen Winslow! Legend Ed Reed & Steve Smith – Madden 19 Legend Fantasy Pack Opening

Are you trying to buy some players but they’re too expensive we’ll look no further checkout by my coins dock I’m using the code wheels for 10% off and get you some coins baby what’s up guys and welcome back to another Madden 19 Ultimate Team video now today we are the brand-new legends in packs hopefully this is the week.
We pulled them in a time card I.

Legend released I’m hoping man I’m hoping but yeah pretty solid legends today we’re gonna check them out in just a second but if you guys do enjoy these videos and want to see more definitely give this video a thumbs up or the like button down below 600 likes as always would be awesome you.

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The comments down below little burg a thoughts on these brand new legends and that brand brand new quote-unquote so yeah today’s Legends is a rerelease of the day one limited time cards.

That came out so we have Steve Smith and Ed Reed the limited time card is actually pretty nice though we have a Kellen Winslow limited time card but yeah Steve Smith and Ed Reed they’re gonna be plus ones over the limit time card that came out on day one I kind of complained about it on Twitter a little bit I thought I felt personally I felt.

Like it was a little bit too early to re-release these cards I think they needed to be.

Re-released at some point I just felt a little bit too early but you know it’s gonna be nice for people that could afford a limited time cut that didn’t buy the limit time card right when they came out and they skyrocket and present at one point these cards.

Were like over a million coins I mean I sold my Steve Smith for over a million coins so you know on that standpoint more people are gonna.

Be able to use these cards they’re gonna be a slightly better than the limited edition cards that came out on day one and I believe what training you you don’t need the limited edition card and you don’t need to use training to get you know the power up you just need the power up in this the full.

Legend part so that’s actually pretty cool.

About it now it’s not bad it’s definitely.

Not too bad it’s actually exciting you know these cards are gonna be a lot cheaper than the limited edition cards so yeah it’s gonna more people use these players so that’s awesome see Smith like I said most of these uh the Steve Smith and the ed Rees essentially.

The 92 card 90 speed 86 jumping 91 catching 92 catchin traffic 87 spec catch 91 short rat run at 88 medium rat run.

And 90 deep route run I kind of wish I had a limited time cards like we can just compare sure off the bat right here but uh yeah this Steve Smith this one you can see it’s essentially minus 1 over this 93 cards so but once again it’s gonna be cheaper than the 92 I think this the 92 Steve Smith and Ed Reed.

Are gonna be like the first limited time cards I pretty much are gonna get quick.

Sold so you’re gonna see them disappear off the market which is it is what it is it’s five-man I mean you have the 93 card at this point so doesn’t really matter now but yeah if you guys missed the limited time Steve Smith gameplay when I released that.

Right at the beginning of the year he was he was the.

Glitch man he was so overpowered he was making incredible catches I’m assuming that this allegis he Smith is gonna be slightly better still make some big place for us so I might have to pick him up I definitely might have to pick him up I think he looks pretty good he was really good when I used them at the beginning of the year so that is Steve Smith I feel like everyone on a rant.

There man jeez second legend like I mentioned is Edie Reed hopefully he is on the market now Etta Rita is not on the market yeah check it out my head it is a essentially a plus one overall from this little bit edition so 91 speed 90 Excel 76 tackle right I’m just making sure yeah 76 tackle 93 play rec.

93 pursue 88 man 94 zone 81 hit power it is literally a plus 1 overall saw but once again he’s gonna be cheaper than this limit time card self it’s not a bad thing he is not on the.

Market so Kellen Winslow actually looks really good he is essentially from what I saw a little bit faster and a little bit stronger Jordan Reed so he’s got 86 speed 86 SL 89 ability 92 jumping 94 awareness 93.

Catching 90 catch in traffic 93 spec catch 91 short route run 90 medium route run.

90 deep route run and was at 76 run blocking so like I said pretty much a slightly faster a little bit stronger Jordan Reed and Jordan Reed.

Personally for me kind of a glitchy guard so yeah we’ll check it out later hopefully he’s on the market after we open these packs we’re gonna rip some packs like I said hopefully this is the week.

We finally get a legend pool a limited time pool sorry so I don’t we’ll see what the way to see man we gotta hope for the best.

Here alright first back or we got the topper here we get a $90 but McNab Wow okay.

That’s actually pretty good so I will definitely take that 86 plus overall we get a 90 overall card that is pretty good so uh yeah in.

The comments down below let me know your guys thoughts on these legends that came out to let me regard stops about you know them re releasing the day one limited time cards like I said I don’t personally have a huge issue with it.

I just felt like it was a little bit too early for it and you know we’re getting plus ones which no one really likes plus ones we get a Steve Smith era that’s cool but you know at the end of the day the limited time cards were pretty expensive so now they’re they’re gonna be a little bit more affordable for uh we get a big election piece here eighty-six Willy row but yeah they’re gonna be a little bit more affordable for people that weren’t able to.

Pick up the limited time cards on day one because I mean there are 500 k plus cards on day one so not a lot of people have those cards.

So I could understand it from that standpoint I’m just saying I know I know some people didn’t like it cuz I wasn’t really too happy when they first announced it on Twitter but you know thinking back on it.

It makes sense it makes sense for you know I I not everyone has the coins that I do so especially day one not everyone had the coins that I had on day one to be.

Able to buy that card so now more people gonna be able to use the card it’s awesome so it’s always a good thing that when more people are able to use the card so yeah that is that all right we’re pulling these.

Don’t really need I need a limited time pool.

Man I need a limited time pool up take him we can do the little set so because I believe you could pull a little bit.

X from that uh legend upgrade set.

So I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see what happens but here we go next pack here just go through the silver round maybe some elites in the gold round one elite in the gold around that’s good not bad alright elite.

Round come on eighty four Davante Adams we get a 84 Kevin green and at 85 carson wentz i’m just gonna get that throw that into the upgrade set so yeah if you guys are opening packs today hopefully you guys get some.

Good post hopefully you get that lemonade limited-time color wins oh by the way the legends got boosted up won overall this week too so the sets are the 93 you saw the Steve Smith the ED reads also 93 and then the limited.

Times at 94 now so going up and overall is always pretty good so yeah I just want to pull him man I just want a full one I really want to pull 182 Derrick Brooks and Limbaugh Joseph so who I believe got like a massive speed boost on uh on reg regs or franchise or whatever think he’s like a TC which.

Is pretty wild but I mean hey he’s uh he’s quick he might be big he’s kind of quick so as we saw last weekend what else we got here by the way yeah let you guys.

The Ravens game oh hi Rico going to the Ravens game this saw tomorrow so another vlog I know a lot of some of you guys enjoyed the vlog and I actually.

Really enjoyed recording the block so yeah another vlog for you guys going to the Ravens game pretty excited about that so stay tuned for that vlog and yeah we’ll see what.

Happens hopefully uh I actually really enjoyed recording a vlog so definitely want to do more.

Of that man we need some polls here though we need simple as any we get an elite Derek Barnett cool cool cool cool cool Elite League round Cameron Hayward we get a 84 Michael.

Kendricks and a Tony Gonzalez just the luck isn’t there on these legends for me man I’m wondering I’m not wondering I’m just hoping I’m home being that EA is just saving the limited time look for me for ultimate legends because that’s kind of what happened last some limited time legends but like when alternate legends came around I was pulling them every single.

Week it’s kind of wild so maybe they’re just saving my look for that again you know I’m.

Hoping that’s the hope because the limited time look has not been there for me right now so far this year we get a coin Brandon.

85 overall how much is this how many coins are you 120 K okay that’s pretty good this def with a pretty good.

Yeah we will be taking the 120 K card definitely take you the 120 K card all right one more ledger fancy pack on me we got a few more points that we could probably do two more.