Madden 19 Rage Ft. My Lil Bro– Crazy 13 Broken Tackles

They’ll take him down at the 31 yard line now whistles had a timeout with three seconds left in the.

First half no no screen guns or depict a classic illegal screen play it’s to play.

A dirty we can’t just duke through like i don’t care about this this is the drive this is the drive deferral you know fumble that ball what the hell was that there was a hole an opportunity shout-out to 89 for doing absolutely nothing that kickoff return.

Single soul because he’s a piece of shit you seen them all behind me from behind I was thinking you ran out of bounds and you slip to safety he really got slow there nice that is Super Saiyan yeah well you’re super see you freakin shed.

Blocks like it’s nothing yo I constantly have to run from you cuz you block shit like a frickin goon what the fudge was that oh my god.

You’re lucky I changed to that guy because if not ottoman a pic in a half I ran away so he’s running his route here and then all of a sudden he gets possessed oh my god he’s a ballerina oh we know we do with rookies fellas you know one flag equals one one flag equals one town that’s how I coach my team word.

Freakin we go to commercial break mid game but that actually should have been illegally which is good so that’s not your center team see means that’s complicated no this magnet complicated it does yeah you’re supposed it’s supposed to be a while yeah does that happen in the day yeah oh well maybe not does.

This frickin Computers control most of a fight and it’s under the flags he’s not supposed to happen it’s not complicated simple I’m nervous yo super conserved one so I don’t pick Oh third and ten somebody could open somebody can opine they have to pick oh where the fuck that guy come from for one that’s Christian McCafferty wide receiver he thought he can hold up damn let’s get set to take the field and for them to touch.

Down their last go-around Bobby said they’ll be hoping to do that again and when you start plotting for this drive you start thinking can you stick Ellie adjustments nobody got wax he is.

Waxed off because every single time I do a head stick those beats bracing your whack you’re lucky your whack your cheese your so Garbo know what is easy you what is this lingo you’re using I don’t know anyway it’s so stuffy good one good run yet yeah make.
Sure to whack some up every.

Every every just waiting for the crown to settle down yeah crowds dead silent you can hear crickets just waiting for the crowd boos yeah crowd serving up so good news I wish Chris McCaffrey can do it.

Play Kapoor for overall difference it means the world 92 is just a lucky number I mean Greg.

Olson can make amazing touches equality can make cheap they want me.

To take meaning how we need would that be well you’re already running so I mean there look here you’re cheating and running there’s much of a difference in just.

Me and that touchdown should make you feel more comments uh beasts we could take that away from you angry are you Canadian now hold up pull you said I was breaking.

Tackles I want you to see I wanna show you some cases all right all right yeah I was.