Madden 19 Rage Ft. My Lil Bro– Crazy 13 Broken Tackles

About 14 31 how do I fluff that up dude what the play what a play more like you should have turned around why are you changing settings you sure you’re doing Chico this is allowed what does that mean you’re putting Chico Zeke if you fumble now I’ll blame it on the cheat codes what I know but what is there a downfall to that or is it just Chico’s progressives Prescott what the fudge.

Turns you didn’t even try my dude I’m so disappointed in you herds oh my god so you put cheat codes in you know you could you’re a cheat code in it oh man that’s so that’s so stupid you’re cheap Cody things yo this thing that I but mighty how do you get off the freaking tack when you.

Do the line you like black shit like it’s no problem but I can’t break a freaking block it’s 90 something overall he’s a linebacker not a defensive tackle dude I don’t I don’t really like to do passwords because what the frickin French toast you’re just gonna write look how stupid he looks oh you little shit sting I.

Didn’t do that one no you were trying to get me to jump offsides because I met aggressor what’s this you little turd muffin what the if you would have made I would have been so pissed no first off you didn’t.

Know where he was open I didn’t even see you it is wide open when a restricted no you didn’t see him I didn’t see him nobody see this is where I legitimately oh my god you want five wide the red zone way to have the balls to do this are you kidding wasn’t they oh I can’t block know how to.

Do it he practices this shit that was a him oh my god that was him he would have blocked it and returned it for a frickin touchdown in the running don’t work he’s gone oh my god Beasley iord he’s like oh god I was gonna say my heart dropped.

The same guys should go back to the bench yeah see I don’t this is such a disappointment like I just scored and I instantly feel like shit.

Now that I need to block that ok the kicker is let’s try three points last time three points because they were well within range of scoring attacks down we’ll see if they can do better go back to normal I’m Chico’s don’t work oh you’re such a little weenie so one time I didn’t set up my gosh dang Spidey runs Gregory for dinner every our doubts.
All the way down first off first off first off first off first off.

Yo I’m I’m three inches from losing my shit I was not controlling this guy where the hell is this guy backpedaling to who’s back here that you’re freaking aware of huh nothing but space in opportunity you move up on the guy but again better hurry up the.

Reception good for second it’s third down they’ll get to the line here but remember.

It’s also the one they’re able to convert on third goal really Funches punches punches can’t wait to block this field go oh wait that’s right I don’t know how to do it damn it every time I get back there I heard him I’m so angry Oh.

How do you do it okay Google how do you block a.

Punch or a kick in mad 1990 v’n Madden can figure that out himself like a big man huh I could’ve gotten a field goal Jesus man she’s crazy and.