Madden 19 Rage Ft. My Lil Bro– Crazy 13 Broken Tackles

Warning this video contains minor amount of strong language so if you’re under the age of 18 you better ask mama’s consent to watch his awesome video if she says it’s good then sit back relax and enjoy this video you this lets me tap in your cheeks are that sound weird but okay what is up guys it’s your boy.

Joe back with another video this time playing some Madden with my little brother we’re gonna we always go back and forth I always kick his.

Ass but we’ll have to see about this so sit back relax and watch this video guys so we’re gonna start by picking teams here I’m always letting him be home.

I don’t know if that affects anything but so how it works is the first spin will do a random spin and then the next spin is a random spin and then we could pick between the two and if you don’t like those two you can random spin again but you’d have to stick.

With that team so I’ll let him go and do the honors first team all right second team I’ll stick with the Panthers Panthers yeah you’re that confident yeah okay okay all right Broncos sciama we are all Eagles fans here’s so to pick.

Dallas would be like spitting on the family tree or something it’s just not yeah something that should happen but sorry grandma let’s go suckers we’re both blue outfits but that’s you this it’s me tapping your cheeks son that’s no weird but okay it’s not weird let’s get.

Into this game man like a whooping this kid but no grasshopper this is gold be right to table on boy would you give it to her put a radius breadbasket yeah thank you I will Judy’s gonna poop all over your team like oh dude I feel it why is.

He rising look at that wrong look at that run 20 yards 20 years do you might know why might.

Oh I played last night my eyes are just falling out of my face you really think it’s gonna be a run play huh you’re dang right it is it’s running too bro what the French toast was.

Bad you think you’re tough back on the run what gone that Steve up nonsense he’s gone he’s gone don’t celebrate the team because.

I don’t believe in team shit with you freakin cowgirls and this is where he blocks my pun or my kid cuz the kid actually practices this stuff oh I’ve never seen that any manual there’s three chapters three choices which one he can do it.

Holy crap that you came through light but happy no more I don’t know water boy oh man Thank You Missy straight right now would it what is kinda looks like I’m the Jaguars look at my boy dog good yes 25 get dragged down I almost killed your quarterback almost stabbed him in the toes did I let you get that we didn’t know parkinson peanut butter before worse we would have killed.

It dude no I’m a girl I’m really hungry for peanut butter really hungry oh you are this why do we can I get a hand check please bomb in these packs you’re right no guys guys guys you are playing soccer out of here for the– sir that was worse oh dude he is not okay he’s not I speared the hell out of him.
That’s a first down that’s a first down there was 40 31.

Are you kidding me Owen there’s there’s like I hated that there’s a roughing the kicker in a touching the kicker I think it’s super stupid choo-choo-choo-choo that’s so gay dude I’m so pissed right now I’m so mad dude that was a 431.