Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center And The Johns Hopkins School Of Medicine

Johns Hopkins Bayview campus. In 2017, researchers were awarded $105 million for research grants, both in the neighborhoodand around the world. A major portion of our130-acre campus is dedicated to research that actuallyadvances the science.

And the promise of medicine.

That includes the NationalInstitutes of Health, Biomedical Research Center, which is dedicated to research on aging. Johns Hopkins Bayviewphysicians perform research in a variety of areas, and these include addiction, asthma, allergy, COPD, obesity.

Stroke and neurologicaldisorders, burn and wound care, and even lung cancer. Research findings on this campus are.

Changing the way we care for patients. – We’reproud of our history here on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus, and our partnering withthe School of Medicine over so many decades. We’re even more excitedabout the future before us. Happy 125th Anniversary, to the Johns HopkinsUniversity School of. >> Happy Anniversary, School of Medicine. >> Happy Anniversary, JohnsHopkins School of Medicine.