Sableye Garbodor Going To Portland! **irl Deck Profile** W/ Isaiah Williams

Possible so we can decide which ones to use well with the junk hunt um so having four Sycamore allows us to just.

Find the cards that we need we have one Guzman you suppose in the deck to really just disrupt our opponent and just place their Pokemon so you can stick something active or even you get a save light in the active position because you have garbodor stuck up there Guzman can be useful yeah just useful card we have one in and since Florida it doesn’t take price cards and is often giving us 6 cards instance where a lock deck we can.

Link gyro toxin in and then our opponent has to be able to respond to us was a.

Low hand side under ability like so in is a great addition to the deck and we can reuse these what’s the SE here so yeah we have one hiker hikers a really cute card in this deck because I love you to rearrange the top 5 cards.

Of your opponent’s deck you can make sure that your opponent dead draws out when they have a dead hand by putting the bad cards on top of their deck so you know how many turns you have left to win so you can do a combo like trick shovel discard a good card.

Hiker and then you see like oh there’s three dead cards then you can just put the three deck cards on top retreat your guard or trash lanch three turns in a row and win the game so yeah we’re very great card um glady on as you might notice is that plays a.

One of and two of so glad i was a great addition to the deck because we can find those matchups specific text out of the prize cards when we’re not.

Normally taking price and we can just put them in play so glad yawns like a necessity for this deck we.

Have one team flare grunt team flare grats in the duct to get rid of basic energies so say your punishment in part which I like and rock or something like that you.

Can go counter cut your grant Black Rock team flare gonna get rid of the energy and it’s no longer a threat also the same thing with toad get rid of the energy under item lock so a great addition.

We have one delinquent deliver to the deck because really the main goal is to get your opponent to a completely dead hand by.

Delinquent them like twice in a row bar maybe go red card delinquent and then they can’t respond to that so you want to be able to go delinquent delinquent delinquent repeatedly so that their hand is completely dead even if they take knockouts and then you get rid of their energy on board you stick something active and you just.

Control the game from there so almost the best card in the deck you’ll play it every game so yeah then one loose I mean loose means really good the degrees allow us to recover the stadium’s it also lets us be able to take a turn to just go loose and mean for delinquent Stadium so we.

Can just play one supporter to recover both of those cards.

So it’s a card efficient card on turns where we don’t necessarily need to play a supporter okay now for.

Our stadiums we have I’m running out room here guys here I’m.

Gonna shift this up just a bit we have two parallel city parallel city is really just a disruptive stadium it limits your opponent’s bench and it’s also a stadium but we can delinquent it’s really this could be a few different things like Aquabase or like lysander lab but i found that in this meta.

Especially i met a everybody’s or parallel can provide the most value generally and so that’s it for our trainers so.

Now on to our energy okay we have three dark three dark is is really good in the deck because it allows us to be able to easily energy retrieval for the darks back to stream our Sableye and a high enough in effort or we can consistently energy retrieval for two darks and the scenario is that we need to um we play one psychic energy this is in the deck so that we can reliably stream garbodor if.

We so choose because we can energy retrieval for the psychic again so it’s just that week there is an opportunity to consistently have a psychic energy in.

Play and so a very great addition and it’s just up one psychic so it doesn’t get in the way of our consistent ability to consistently junk on and then after that we play to second grass dark fire blends this rainbow is a proxy for the second one but this is just so we can.

Choose if we want to trash lanch or junk hunt or even maybe something crazy like topic here so and with this split i feel like it’s the best split because we have three darks to consistently junk on to.

Blends that consistently junk onto and trash Lynch and then one psychic so that we can stream the garbodor and also have a way to get the energy back with interviewer table so yeah this is the deck I hope you enjoy it I’ll move this out of the way.

Really quickly so we can get a full look of the deck so these energies.

Along go with these guys so yeah I hope you enjoyed the video see you guys next time.