Sableye Garbodor Going To Portland! **irl Deck Profile** W/ Isaiah Williams

Like no one ever was here and welcome to this week’s in real life a deck profile video today I’ll actually be doing an expanded deck we’ll be looking at Sableye garbodor it’s a great control deck in the meta I think it’s very powerful and it can be especially strong when going into unfamiliar metas like we are going into.

Portland regionals so yeah I hope you guys enjoy the deck and let’s get right into it alright so to start with we have four junk.
Hunt Sableye these are in the deck as the mini attacker you want.

To be able to chuck hunt every turn starting from turn one so he plays for so you can consistently both start with it and find it and stream it once our first one dies junk unless you get two items for the discard pile which is like the main part of how this deck functions and so yeah or we definitely need four then we have three trubbish these are all supposed to be.

The garbage collection rubbish the reason for that is because the upper section acts as a pseudo junk on and the early game also it is very key in some matchup say for example you’re playing it’s a seismitoad-ex witch quaking punches that stops all items are being played a garbage collection will allow you to still win those matchups because you can keep putting back the team flare grant to get rid of their.

Energy over and over also against the rail board you can garbage collection repeatedly to keep them from putting back like putting back rescue stretcher and other recovery cards so that.

They can never actually deck you out so yeah three garbage collection we have to Garbo talks and garb adores this is really what allows us.
That could keep up in the expanded meta it’s able to shut off your.

Opponent’s abilities very he’s the deck and yeah it’s what.

Makes this a lock deck the garbodor and then we have one trash lanch garbodor this isn’t the deck so that in scenarios where you’ve walked your opponent to the point that and depth about a lot where they have.

Most items in the discard pile you can actually just end the game by taking six prize cards with trash lanch three times in a row when they have a locked hand and you know.

For sure that they can’t get out of it also trash engines in the deck so that you can deal with huge threads that maybe you couldn’t disrupt your opponent out of so yeah a treasure hunter but it’s great in the deck provides a different way of winning then we have two Shaymin yes shavings in the deck to help you consistently.

Set up find the items and the Pokemon the evolutions that you need to get the lock going and then we play one type of lele for similar reasons top with Lily’s in the deck because.

It allows you to search the houses the supporters in the early.

Game maybe you need to find that in the link when to get their hand to 0 so yeah chuckle it makes a great addition that’s it for the UH for the Pokemon line so let’s get into the items so we play for old trouble force rolls pretty standard in most decks this allows you to search out these.

Pokemon that you need you can find the garbodor when we need it you can get the Shaymin.

To draw more cards find the safe alliance you need it yeah for all trouble it also helps you get the items that you don’t need at the moment in the discard pile so you can.

Junk on for them later then we play three battle compressor in this list compressor is an amazing.

Part and Sableye because when you find compressor you can discard whatever items you want and have access to them immediately with junk hunt so when you’re able to bend your duck down and get and put the.

Items that you know you’ll need in the matchup in the discard you can just immediately get them.

Back in your hand and start locking your opponent so this makes for the looks like you can find the enhanced hammer immediately you would find the delinquent immediately just any of those things.
That you might need so it’s a great addition to the decades um under.

The same note of finding the trainers you need quickly we play three trainers male this allows you to look the tough four cards in your deck and pick a trainer you find they’re so super great for finding those stay needed you know hit that enhance hair you hit the.

Ultra ball he hit the compressor yeah very many purposes great addition to the deck you can also do John confer the trainer’s male to continuously set up same thing with compressor so to establish a better board state then we have 3 vs ck v vs occurs in the deck so that you can reuse those supporters you want you may be asking why not four or a something like that well we have civilized junk hunt so you actually don’t need a high count of the SEK because you can constantly just put them back.

In your hand to reuse them with the junk on attack and so 3 is a very solid number for that we play next up we have three float stone and flip stone is key in the stick because it allows you to activate Dharma doors Garber toxin ability to.

Shut off the bear abilities which is fundamental to successfully locking your opponent and then we have to enhance stammer and hate stammer is a great addition to spec because it allows you to remove your opponent special energy and.

Play really adding to the effect of it being a lock deck things like Florrick that you see see frequently they are strong energies are whatever special energy might run into so yeah – Dina stammer is a good number because even if you prize won you can still access to it and you can compressor one early and joke on for it we play one energy renewable energy retrieval is great in the.

Deck because it allows you to constantly stream save lies even though you don’t have a way to get the energies out so you can just junk on for the energy retrieval and the rescue shutter and ma’am you have another Sableye ready to go on the next turn so yeah great addition we have one field lower Fiddler’s great in.

The duct because it allows you to get items in the discard pile with garbodor so you can do more damage with trash lines get rid of float stone so your opponent can’t retreat out the locks and you like use and unlock them just the useful part in general we have to crushing hammer crushing hammer is and has the same idea as enhanced.

Member does but is with regular energy so if your opponent’s attaching like trying to build up a big buzz wall or something like that you can go crushing hammer crushing hammer junk on for the two crushed members again and just like relentlessly attempt to get rid of those energies and so that’s important in this log deck then we have maybe the one of the most important two.

Items in the deck to trick shovel trick shovel.

Is really what makes this deck extremely powerful because once you’ve established to lock against your opponent you’re able to just control their top decks with one or two trick shovels so you go trick so we’ll say you see something used to look at me a secret you can just discard it then play your second trick shovel and it’s like taku cocoa and you’re.

Like oh that’s useless in a scenario you get to keep that and so you know their hands dead with a little liquid that you will because you you put their hand to zero and then you’re controlling their top deck with the trick shovel.

So yeah it makes the next super powerful then we have one red card red cards really there so you can disrupt your opponent’s large hands that you’re playing it’s like a zorb deck and they call wrist 415 you can just go a red card delinquent and.

Now they have one card to deal with the Year setup which is way less threatening.

Than like a 15 card hand and then you can reuse red card because you can just junk on for it okay and then we have for our ace spec we have a this should.

Dowsing machine but I do not have one on me so we’re gonna pretend like it’s a dowsing machine but dowsing machine is great in the duct because it allows you to reuse any of these items you.

Want and get back things like stadiums or whatever you may need in this scenario so it allows you to be a little a little bit more flexible.

With your Jon cons some people may argued life do is better.

Format is actually not that great because your opponent they can just feel blur to the life dude.

And you can’t instantly get it back like you could last format.

With puzzle so having every other knockout be life dude isn’t even that effective since they can just feel blur through it so I’ve been really liking dowsing machine in my testing.

And I think it’s the right choice okay we have one rescue stretcher rescue stretchers in the deck so that we can get back those stabilized if we want to it’s so we can go Jack hunt for energy retrieval in risky stretcher and just have a cig light ready to go.

And then also in the light game when we’re about to deck out we can just stretch your back multiple Pokemon so we don’t deck out then we have one counter pitcher counter catcher is a great addition to the deck because your opponent Austin goes up in price card since you don’t actually take prize cards in his deck until it’ll vary like game if you just I think about garbodor.

So you can disrupt your opponent by countering up something with a.

High retreat and sticking it there so they can’t move and that’s it for our items so let’s go on to our supporters so the main draw power of this deck we have four Sycamore four Sycamore is really great in this deck because we actually want to discard all of these cards as quickly as.