$6 Vs. $48 Foundation? Dupe? Over 40 Friendly? | 2 Real Chicks Super Price!

Hey there chickadees welcome back to two real chicks I’m Karla I’m Cindy and we’re so glad you’re spending time with us today it makes our game look so much more special when you keep us company who among us doesn’t like a good dude I am NOT going to raise my hand a gift is basically short for a duplicate.

For example you find a high-end product that costs a lot of money and then you find something that’s less expensive it’s basically the.

Thing in color and texture and application that’s called a Duke so what do we got here today I absolutely love the NARS.

Luminous weightless foundation this is one of my favorites it is just a beautiful foundation that works beautifully with my skin it is just one of my favorites without question so elf recently came.

Out with some new foundations this is called the flawless finish foundation oil-free and has an SPF sunscreen of 15.

Well I wasn’t necessarily looking to compare them I just wanted to try the new elf foundation so I could bring you a review of it and tell you what it’s like as I was using.

The elf I was like there’s just something familiar about this what is it first of.

All the packaging is almost identical as you can.

Decided to put it to the wear test and see if these two might actually be a dupe for each other shall we try it I think we shall let’s do it so I’ve been putting this to the test.

And I have some very strong opinions about this that I’m excited to tell you about I can’t wait to hear now I’m going to put it to the test in front of you you’re going to be comparing the $48 NARS foundation against the $6 elf foundation I’m using the NARS in the shade Siberia and in the elf version I’m using the shade porcelain now that was the name of it when I bought it they have since changed the name to natural and they’ve added.

A whole bunch of new shades this is brand new it just came out but they already added a bunch of new shades I’m impressed it’s apparently proving to be very popular I’m not anymore let you see which one ah they look identical in color there are the.
Two shades one in Siberia one is natural only.

Called porcelain now let’s see how they go on shall.

We so I’m going to use the same application method that I used for foundation pretty much all the time I put some out on my.

Hand and then I dot it on my face I’m gonna put the nards on one half and the elf on the other half using the same amount the same type of pressure I want everything as equal and comparable as I can make it wow I do not see a difference can you see a difference with my spots it’s not blended out yet going to use the same sponge on both sides starting down the middle because I want to see if.

There is a theme or not how well they blend together all eyes are on what’s gonna happen is it gonna work is it a dupe both foundations feel exactly the same on.

Each side they have the same weight the same texture the same amount of creaminess I cannot tell a difference of which one is on which side unless I knew because they feel.

Exactly the same they have the same amount of doing this and they are blending exactly the same excuse me I am in awe I am not having to work.