Huge Win On Buffalo Max – Max Bet Bonus

Yeah maybe a little lightning link play couple more spins here ah no nothing so far alright last spin guys on this game we gave it a shot Oh what else can we do okay you know I always do that I give it that one extra little spin great when I’m getting up and he boom you hit that bonus.

How many times does that happen.

You just said I had it with this game like I’m just got hit on one more time.

At him boom you hit bonus happens like that sure does Caron happens every time all right come on listen up I mean doesn’t this bonus have to do something okay whose Chapo says I call $1,350 ham paying this.

Bonus I hope you’re right let’s see what we get get an extra spin get some more while touring the free games and a chance to the four times multiplier all right here’s the first spin faster than a NASCAR oh yeah was a little faster but come on oh I just oh my gosh.

Fat brother slats calling for $850 bonus that bad great pose bakirkoy yeah still not bad 39 bucks come on Buffalo oh come on stop it nothing there oh my gosh bonuses.

Are really something goodness gracious two spins left.

Oh man oh god I ain’t know what.

To say ooh $39 Bella so back to back can we do back to back back to.

Back well I’d say that at least the bonuses have been entertaining back-to-back bonus okay one does have to be something what a back-to-back bonus have to be doing 500 people watching The Searchers live from the launch casino in Black Hawk Colorado you guys right now if you’re not subscribed.

Hit that subscribe button we’re so.

10,000 subscribers 236 thumbs up everybody hit that thumbs up if you don’t eat that thumbs up I’m telling us why these bonuses are weak guys come on hit that thumbs up let’s get this thing trending all right you guys ready okay let’s start it off here we go extra free game okay here we go faster.

Than a NASCAR first man make it good yeah that’s a dud tires Buffalo and nothing King oh I can’t believe it – multiplet okay get a four in there okay eight times on the Kings where is that cougar get that cougar up front we’re cooking with gas Tracy d2 dollar super Chad this is gonna be huge.

Chomp everyone hashtag sharks on alright already.

Better than the bonus before come on now let’s go we trigger be nice nothing so far four spins left oh great g5 I was super sad I’ll throw in a few bucks in the kitty for you home that we try and brother alright last family need a free trigger come off defeat.

See by the coin say by the coin gives us five more Spence one of these could be the huge one not that one come on come on come on baby yes okay nice got a couple of extra spins now maybe one of these fit oh come on now let’s do this max bet on buffalo max you got another reach rigor eight spit come on all don’t wanna why don’t.

You bite you properly so 175 those $200 don’t okay hi it’s common guys feel it I feel.

It it’s coming $213 so far I gotta go come on no.

Coin I coin coin no Eagle coin Oh another hey we’ll take it nice retrievers on this.

One guys yet ten more games left we’re up to two hundred thirteen bucks you got a good shot of getting some multipliers here Buffalo now come on Eagle Eagle Eagle oh oh this is dismal it’s decent that’s a decent hit right there $120 twenty four times four side to our bucks four hundred and twenty nine dollars or up to I don’t know why that.

That advance all by itself I never touched the machine come on coin something yes hey.

Man we’re doing something here good yeah we have permission yeah yeah tick what the soft floor – yep slapping supervisor retrigger.

Again triple retrigger guys this is Scott gun come on another it’s going no oh no we’re good don’t worry.

About them Tracy d2l is super Chet told you this was the big one hashtag shark so far it is come on $447 retrigger oh my gosh look at all those premium symbols in there ah stop it wake this thing up a little bit No all right seven more spins come on coins two more spins guys come on nice bonus 406 $56 really on 37 games we had 37 free spins you think it’d be a little bit better let’s finally got something be safe and finally.

Got a decent bonus can we back the back to back nope everybody saying hello to the bo d double nice.

For real oh okay that hit for five grand Lee that’s awesome that’s all it took right this might be the Buffalo max livestream event welcome guys if you’re new here five hundred.

And seventy people watch and look we got buffalo max you control your payback now this machine’s waking up you’re right someone mentioned.

Every time the LED comes back we get a bonus all right that’s a lot of bonuses one of these is gonna be the.

Mega mother that’s great news it’s almost a quadruple up on the patreon group whole nice ok here we go.

Guys I know I haven’t seen a fort well I actually I did it out of four times earlier right here o Kings coin Tracy D column two four times four times four times I got it wouldn’t matter what simple you got you got that oh here you go another coin Oh four coins can you do it No four points oh I saw goodbye three coin Richard 500 people watching you guys.

Hit that thumbs up subscribe to the slut shirts hit that great notification bell so you don’t miss that on any other fun multiply oh here we go we got Queens oh there’s the four times popped up hunter buck yeah 96 bucks nice hit man we ready just can’t give those.

Multipliers with a premium symbol Dan got a fan I love super chat if security comes back poke him in the belly and make him the Pillsbury Dough Boy son I know he just sometimes they just don’t get.

The memo it’s all good that’s why we’re nice to everybody it happens we’re all good no.

We’re we all oh man that was the one up to 127 dollars that’s right jack he is.

Just doing his job exactly correct that’s why when they asked we’re respectful and if he comes back and tells us to shut down that’s what we do no questions asked not a big deal all.

Right come on seven more spins now come on oh boy why these spins are nothing Bo D buffalo Buffalo Oh 143 dammuz so far under 50 bucks not a bad bonus come on Oh shucks I’m a net for spins left not bad is a double up for sure start with 500 up mm can’t be dead mark says you’re so much fun I like your channel I’m new here and thanks for the positive vibes and thank you for bringing positive vibes.