Over 600 Pulls! Star Ocean Collab & Special Return! – [ffbe] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

It’ll go so slow you guys will rebel by come on Tina come on give me a little ooh just give me a little.

Ooh yeah never fear – no no no the Luck’s run out Peter the Luck’s run out I can’t pay I can’t pay for your porch anymore Peter it’s over sorry I could support – you a good sipar.

Family wait peanuts not over Peter come back feed a baby I never miss to leave you praise be to right of the Sun what’s up buddy it’s all right baby we have four more and then.

We have our four star tickets it’s gonna be okay it’s okay let’s keep going yay don’t what bina don’t look don’t look at that you don’t want to see that okay it’s okay do you want to look at that says yeah what’s going on – make you so much looks promise up appreciate you Drago still that’s way back and.

I can’t I think that’s bad luck honestly I think it might be bad with bad luck book it blind Brad what’s up how many rows we’re at 22 so far as far as the special return tickets how many of these do we have now we got fifty you guys ready Luke I do but it’s back there I’m above average right now not much just finally cleaning up.

The other two rafters all summer I don’t.

Even I says yeah I’m so scared to do that you guys ready for this alright that cloud come on.

Give me the height for the chat give me your – chat give me the – chat right now wait sorry Nina’s getting angry Tina’s.

Getting mad dude oh boy here we go oh my god it came down yellow wet wet here we go it’s gonna be actually cool to see you I I just want to.

See it is it like what’s about to.

Call those all rainbows okay because those all yellows you idiot would be playing of course not can.

We already buzzed I want to see someone get it one of you out there get the whole rainbow pool wouldn’t it be fantastic oh no oh now the luck is gone oh no they gave over look oh my god oh my god they kill me all.

I see is I see a gold balls oh Jesus be a gold mine David what’s up man we got five more these right all right that’s it right I love a weirdo fools love to do wait I may be lying to you we might have these oh sweet Jesus this is our chance to get Lulu this is the highest pose right now that I wanna have to see you again bruh 22 total so I was above average by for rainbows correct wait you have.

To add 250 n right the 54 stars so am I good or no did I get average or below above average shelf for your inventory is you got it sir I don’t want to do it dude Clegg is normal after all sometimes I can’t be defeated you know what we ate.

Defeated yeah though I hate done I ain’t done dude give me a second I won’t pay it oh wait hold on wait well I’ll do this now she’s already have that gone but you got to give me a second my will sisters particularly I’m able oh no no stupid Amazon coins not being up enough I’m almost.

At Amazon coins wait can i buy this sometimes with your likes like barely off of a thing owner walk about this I should be fun right I wanted a thousand more will do two more eleven oh wait just let me buy it at nice you might use it.

To connect like a be full now I’m getting like these metals you can Suarez and stuff there we go oh my god I’m so close to that though alright here we go we’re doing two more clothes on the essay uh n so a banner I was gonna say star oh should you.

Know for our online it has got me a bit the SOA stuff two more pulls to Ma pulls all right here we go alright give me one second don’t look at my booty chat don’t.

Look at my booty we bust out the hammer felucca Vic Arne Winnie did you see my food look at it that here we go yep anything’s broken hello hello he’s broken you’re all tapped out man if she’s gone dude I’m a goner.

I’m not sweating a little bit look I think that you guys think that sex tape all right we got.

More guys thank you guys so much for being here I gotta hit the mouse with the hammer of God this is gonna be a fucking disaster thank you guys someone forget being here I hope you guys enjoyed at least the show enjoyed having fun here hope it was fun Koopa Troopa eight nine eight five.

Six seven four five six two one eight four five four four hundred thank you for the follow I hope you.

Guys had a lot of fun this is gonna be the last pool of the night and we’re gonna try to hammer this.

Bad boy and face Amino thank you so much for the follow guys ready wait oh and vodka finger thank you so much for the follow here we go wait is it on the thing all right mrs. Gibbs I’m trying to pull here thank you so much.

On the 14-month Risa probably my final sub I’m broke oh my god so sorry here that money we didn’t have to.

Sub this time you know you didn’t have nothing thank you thank you so much I appreciate you I hope you recover from whatever is happening we want to talk about it right now but I hope to.

Recover man thank you so much here you go I gotta hit the side of her right here good yeah yes yes I can feel it and there’s one just give me faith dude just give me fate man whoo.

I’ll take it out fuck the tape now I’m gonna do a victory dance now I’m gonna do that victory dance hey you two men give it two minute give it two minute all right sorry that was.

Really hey that was cringes talk I mean I actually give you the cringe luck on that one all right whatever dude whatever oh my god.