Over 600 Pulls! Star Ocean Collab & Special Return! – [ffbe] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Releases just one bump just a little bump this one little bump let’s go let’s go we got four baby got four left come on come on.

We need to oh yeah guys I’m notoriously bad at at at women Tom banners I am missing so many of the.

Five shots of the minute on banners you wouldn’t believe it so maybe I’ll get lucky maybe I will that’s a rainbow are you kidding me that that ray came in at the last second in the top left that quadrant it’s always curvy over Mike you liar but Mike why would you lie to me that.

Looks like your don’t act like you didn’t look like a rainbow don’t act like you didn’t look like a rainbow Jan arena I don’t.

Know what any of that means dude I’m fine with this keep get me the storage some units free Paulo got to count the Rays.

Yell at one two three fourths cocaine as one baby that’s one of the day one check keep it on keep the count going I need you guys to think about it.

Give me that Rena baby give me that faint one of the two that’s no thanks you think it’s desert you think the desert it breaks again it’s a double rainbow come on baby knock her out real quick that’s what that’s rigged that’s what that’s rig easy one now what’s the hands clean death watch.

The news thing on what I ate Mike did sales rig Mike did Sam’s rig oh my oh my god dude why.

Is it already Emily what’s up hmm all right breeze these tickets too as well chat here we go take a look stretch this place gave.

Me what’s up no no way maybe the break who knows midnight what’s going on the sword is real you guys just inject it into your veins now that’s salt we’re eight we’re.

My you to go where’s the unit I gotta go all right here we go to a temple Center it’s blue again yo Godzilla thank you so much for dipping Emily a sub so so so so so sup Emily there you go you sup back up to Maddy what’s up buddy thank you thank you for the following a preciate you go yo went up alright here we go oh shoot oh shoot here it is come on come on make you come down baby hey.

Yellow which is actually really good right this is actually really good right right here we go all right here we go 70% more rainbow little another blue legacy thank you so much for the following welcome to the stream if you’re.

Having a good time achievement unlocked rhotic acquired at least a million Roddick’s at least a million player you dude.

Yes my BSA my hip who you you too thank you so much will every somebody how you been man I did I’m done with this ticket stuff I’m done with it it’s out we going to the freakin 5k pools now we need another arena I’m Bob Ross actually commute alright it does this first he just reloaded for somebody I don’t know why you for that I did it earlier homes why is it do – time I don’t know extender right let me see the Bob.

Ross is you drag out your oil paints let me see the Bob Ross emotes cool story Bob let’s go to the candle story boss this time thank you so much for for for getting us up that Johnny.

Warford you’re awesome Johnny you’re awesome let’s go you guys believe bob ross ghost is coming in here there you go Pat there you go there you.

Go Brady games with 21-month resub get those units also I believe thank you so much buddy get those also I believe fill them happy little trees there are no limits here besides rainbows BT raise or thank you so much to the follow how.

Are you oh look at those units banner rates increased their confirmed is practice there are no limits here yo BD you’re the creator.

Chat believe that you can do it BTW thank you so much buddy oh no I got the tech lock on me I got the tech look oh when did I get on me.

Check the dip back here for step back and forth let’s feel some happy little trees come on guys when I get rigs already got one right pool table.
Slinks good believe that you can do it come.

On I can do this paint it come on state come on look at that log is that faint faint get pink hair in the killer none of that thank you buddy total dudududududududu come on even Evie give me that power this is your world you’re the Creator that’s a waste if it rains.

I’m like that’s a rainbow no.

Come on I told you I told you that’s fuck you guys dude that that limited table manners are awful to.

Me they hate me they hate I got oh shit oh.

God no no so what’s up man thank you buddy thanks man I appreciate it I believe I believe it’ll bring a lot of.

Good thoughts to your hearts Bob that was beautiful buddy Bob on to be honest that was beautiful that was so beautiful this is the last one for Bob Epson chat for Bob we miss you Bob we miss you bed we can see that’s the hot spot for Bob’s you go to well I’m sorry Bob I wanted to be good for you.

I wanted it to be good for you oh my god Gus it’ll just listen to something Mike hey Mike you can’t sell on your own at all that rich money that.

You get is a gooey employee this is bullshit this is total bullshit idea time stop fucking around I’m gonna get double fate Reena one pool you guys ready for the three rainbow double fate one Reno you ready flat pool can your heart take it you’re going.

To look in your heart take what’s about to go down in this padding come on guys I even got this little baby represent are you about to get ready are you about to literally shit your pants right now.

Cuz it’s about to go down you guys are about to see something you’ve never seen before something amazing something.

Spectacular something that will literally make most people salt start spraying out of their neck like oh oh god insults let’s go baby double fate one Reena that’s what I need out of these fools come on baby I don’t like pain so quick just wait.

Yo CRO thank you so much for the sub and this I told you to refresh hey guys let’s go.

No no no no talk to these fans are mean to me I told you this what happened I told you not to go there okay okay all right we.

Get that stuff off of us that was yucky yucky The Crow thank you so much buddy for the sub appreciate you can smash we’ve got quite a few of these amazing pools here not enough though house house give me your energy thank you so much for the raid come on baby come on is the longer extended version come on I’ll stake you man and the raid what happened what just happened.

I don’t I don’t get it what hey we pull some units right well wait what happened I I don’t understand I I don’t.

Get it I don’t I don’t understand what’s going on you thought what I was saying was real lolololol click you will never pull rainbows again you think what you’re doing right now is.

See what you’ve been saying about us behind our backs about Gumi this is it this is the end for you no more rainbows for clinic no more rainbows for anybody that supports clinic no more.

Anything guess what the next banners gonna be it’s gonna be another one of those banners where they have.

You know the tight banners only this time all four star bases actually what we’re gonna do.

It’s a log into the game you’re now gonna have to pay a $4.99 subtext every time you get in the game $4.

You guys ready for that are you guys ready for that thank you guys for all the farlows mike is a dick mike is not nice dude I thought Mike was not late apparently he’s not.

My boy dude he’s not my boy he’s not my friend hey everything’s off everything’s done for but we’re still going come on we can’t handle that chat we can’t in know that made up thank you so much for the hundred bits appreciate you guys thank you for all the follow Searson from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate you all I think you guys for being here we’re.

Not done we got 30 we have 29 tickets.

To go through and we got one Reena we got this come on oh yeah we have and also we have 600 tickets by the way we just take it searching on those sadly come on we’re gonna bust through these so fast it’s gonna be.

Wicked fast dude let’s go Mike you can’t hurt me no more no more no more no more no more hit the road Mike and don’t you come back no more on me on his mother I’m gonna be honest y’all greedy what’s up man I am no she’s ever.

I remember you take my money he is – pulling Rain Bird thank you so much for the dollar hollow shoe I appreciate you cheers my friend the pelvis ribs no rainbows in e-e-e it wasn’t you shoe it was a shoe is it actually a.

Chewer foot step thank you social 100 bits appreciate you rainbows I.

Guess I guess we don’t have any rainbows not today not today tip around when yellow comes down click wait like click when the yellow comes.

Down escaping yellow look you know we have not done anniversary pools we are still on the you know what this is.

Gonna be easy right here are mad volley hell dude with the $25 for you Mike let’s do it yeah screw Mike oops hit my mic I’m sorry my microphone oh let’s do it thank you so much for the donations today guys appreciate you this for you are mad.

This for you plate go to the chat it’s our last one it’s our last one for now I mean earlier so that came down rainbow holy moly have we gotten a rainbow we’ve got a 40k lapis and we didn’t get her we’ve got one rainbow today right now check can you remind me it’s one rainbow and we got it off on the ticket correct si Swamy yes.

What you’re a supposed to do that no we talked about this not tonight Mike not tonight I’ve gone to a lightening thank you thank you thank you so much it was lady hmm yeah alright we’ve gotten one alright dude we got to we got to thank you guys so much I need your help remember this my I got eight brain.

Right now I told you I tried to warn you check I tried to warn you guys you’re all like his poles are so red playing your poles are so rigged not unlimited Tom banners.

That is my kryptonite they come and they they go all right Clyde time to pay up get on the knee get on Mike Smith time to pay up for all times you got rainbows how do you get spanked alright guys that is going to conclude our starters from poles we may return Nico’s stop it man holy shit the $40 what does that put you up.

To now a hundred I’m coming for the top tonight is for you should have it now you definitely should have it Nico town thank you so much house thank you so much for the aim of three sub I’m so happy for you that you got Super Saiyan away in the other night man congratu fucking lations and hope you had a great stream this is kinky.

I don’t take fun in it whistle click go to the chat Nico town thank you so much to the bottom of my heart alright guys so this is it which one should i do first this is the three-star right yeah dude we got 554 babies we got to make our way through it alright we’re gonna turn back on this.

Musics we’ll be on caliber high caliber thank you so much for the tier 1 subscription get some clay pipes in the chat we’re doing 50 at once.

Four stars are we gonna 50 at once let’s see if it breaks my computer down you ready you ready thank you for the follow invisible let’s do this come.

On baby see nothing can’t get it to that we can’t okay we want Lulu or clouds sir panties there I thought you already shares this stuff so so thank you so much sir pan yep that’s already show that man what’s going on you.

Ready hey there’s one there’s one oh god it is just slowing down so hard maybe my quick little guess that air goes there it goes 20 bucks already and I was like what do you mean new I didn’t even know I didn’t have them hey yo sometimes you get good luck hey bump the air boss back to back baby or there’s another one and another one we got another frame yep and another one there.

We go there’s an ace and another one that’s Orlando where you play em there’s a rainbow luck shooter to camping so to the 503 sub did you see the the two early football rankings I think you guys like Korea her 10 we’re coming for you at the end of the season man I got tickets to the game yo add Aiden thank you so much for the follow that was pretty good when I come.

Back what a comeback thank you so much Riggs I’m good for this baby now paddle up the rainbows remember in your head guys chat how many rainbows count them up we got to know we got to know your combo breaker don’t know what Lichtman is raining so neatly I don’t know what that is I don’t understand it he’s sick I’m sorry buddy they even 100 bits man you definitely don’t do.

That all night like this that’s got to feel bad here we go guys see what happens see what happens seven now make that nine baby make it nine make it nine.

I told you I don’t have kryptonite on this stuff I have kryptonite when it comes to JJ boombox what’s up baby when it comes to limit of time so stop so so thank you so much yeah baby let’s go make it rain let’s go give it to me thanks so much JJ boombox appreciate it you guys thought I’d been defeated by the mic goomy goes right not today all right now we say it’s the.

Blues gonna hey hey hey I don’t know what that means you’re good bro thank you so much to the donation where’s that counted up for more Chad is that for more what is that what is that I told you limit.

Its innovators kryptonite any other thing I’m gonna crush you guys in.

Rainbows come on rigged raid see it again let’s see.

It again nice free dude up coming back I promise up coming back you didn’t have to do that man.

Thank you so much for the bottom of my heart you guys are really lighting it up incoming oh my god we gotta get Lulu or cloud that’s what we’re going for baby thanks for the $50 holic Lake donors in the chat Jesus Christ potato massage thingy for the fall ice free take you for the bottom my heart I will be back I swear to God on my life I’m.

Gonna come back that game I just don’t have time right now I promise you Meucci you subscription appreciate you re this one’s got a little bit so let’s click.

On it ice free thank you so much man all right look what hey never mind okay we got cane all right we got a cane feels good.

Man feels good you know what I mean don’t you show yourself show yourself.

All right so that’s another one chat how many we at twelve twelve candy cane I’m mom them we got the candy cane all right we sell for two more to go mm-hmm thank you guys for all the support today hanging out with me chillin yo crib fit thank you as well for the follow we’re 12 sniping monkey we’re 12 it’s.

A lot of yellows and make it go faster there it is there it is wipe the board clean of these blues that’s like a fire great sword right I didn’t get Vargas.

So that’s gonna help me that’s gonna help me oh wait I think it’s a rainbow no no yep boom I don’t care I actually don’t care who I’ll get in these pickets I guess that tickets are all just a fucking shit show anyway 13 we got that saga Bob loo.

Loo loo loo loo loo loo or wow the clown the clown get it get it get it.

Get it let’s go baby we click it it will let you moving footage dienes my boy ah I got somebody Tina I get to the rainbow right.

Eeeh Jesus another one I’ve had it forever all this game II it’s beating me wow boy to treat me well click it’s treating me well Alperin thank you so.

Much for the follow I’m gonna hate you let’s have to adventure out into the sea ass up I see out there Veigar thinking for the hundred bits buddy now I’m just waiting for the day someone challenges you to.

Apple Venna on a limited time banner I’m out really.

Might get some pull revenge come out now oh no I will not I’m sick I can’t battle dude I’m sick I can’t battle on limited time units I’m sick.

Dude I’m sick I can’t do it no more hell let’s do it dude what’s up Kevin oh there’s one everyone hmm sea breeze breeze dude sent me to do that can you scroll.

Up there we go sea breeze is that all I got right I got the one on there right seventeen that was one yeah okay for 600 tickets but let’s let’s stop for a minute Tom.

Tickets what the average rainbows I’m supposed to get if I pull all my tickets what’s the average.

I’m already at too many have.

Rachel tough money you done your pools hapless Oh got sick schmuck deep fuck you’re smart ez game ez life baby if I don’t get loser clouds let me see I will take it I don’t think I have for her yet kupo coop oh thank you for the follow.

Forum there’s another one and two the count adds to.

The count Barberie so I will take you any night wait day day I said day chat don’t think anything about that kids tornado but you can’t get in there.

It’s a tornado that cloud baby thank you so much from the bottom of my heart guys that cloud is another of Final Fantasy Brady thanks to streamer.

Like house but you guys know who Allen’s house a big dick daddy anyway and and that guy was a busy daddy – he’s.

Just growing he’s a he’s a grower right now he’s got a show where at the moment that cloud thank you so much buddy I hope your and your boys are going fantastic for always congratulations Chism shit sucks.

You in oh sweet Jesus it’s happening it’s happening the bad fools are coming know the tornado never mind oh shit come on baby get it get it get it boom how many is that you guys count that up can you count up that fast not Stu come.

On man you know it’s rigged you know was raped BAM this guy is such a fucking badass badass alert do I need to scroll back through here.

Guys can see him where you guys got it 22 I’m at 22 million hits ah how do you so you so quick with that I’m able to do it again quick math hmm six by four carried the two divided about six in are minus twenty four seven six and forth yeah twenty-two we’re 22 I calculated myself I already got the SPM are major we got there baby he is helping.

His chair can’t one good act like you didn’t like that I’m not rigged up you do come on come on don’t say that don’t say that buddy shit I keep it debated oh no Mike you know what yo we bout.

What’s up buddy I do it nothing this time swing and a Miss be sick fuck you okay wheezing Peter what’s up I’m not regular you I like that better baby I like that better death juniors.

They people follow appreciate you Mike watch I should not have left run help squid come on do let’s run out I know how to get someone back though I know how to get the look back yes yes it’s working it’s working where it is looks coming back I feel it Darkstar thing for the non most recent hire you to him tonight BAM hey beau like.

What’s up buddy there it is see it’s coming back Tyrone what’s up it’s gonna come back now probabilities catching up oh sweet Jesus I told you you gotta write a little note to Mike you better fucking come through for me.

We’re gonna hook this up what the fuck Mike what are you doing stop this broke my heart.

Broke my heart Eli to me he lied to me dude he told me he told me if I wrote it he told me betray a news never top 10 animate betrayals write their top 10 anime betrayal that should’ve gone to write enough paper.

Shredder you’re right yeah I’ll kiss the peanut blushy oh I gotta click it or.