Over 600 Pulls! Star Ocean Collab & Special Return! – [ffbe] Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Now I don’t know how this musics gonna sound it’s gonna be a little bit different than what you got you know I don’t know the volume so I hope it’s not too loud or too little for you guys because what is that what’s going on hello chat it’s me Mike from Guney you may think these aren’t rigged pools.

But we always rigged plates bowls to make sure that you guys know that you can pull whatever rainbow you.

Want just like clay can his rainbow rate is obviously 25% up from the 3% in some days that’s right some days we make it 100% because we really wanted to pull what he wants just so you guys know there’s a reason why this new banner isn’t in the drop rates because the rainbow rate on that for certain people is 0% we.

Get all the time so I can buy a new Lambo so I really appreciate wait do not do not do not donate to claim you should be buying lapis with that why are you giving it to quake he doesn’t deserve it has anyone really been far even has decided to use even go want to.

Do look more like I’m gonna be honest Nikko town I don’t know what the hell that means but do not ever donate.

To clay again do that give that money to do me by lapis.

Buy more lapis so I can get my mansion upgraded anyway you guys enjoy the.

Show as these rig pulls begin goodbye what in the fuck dude Mike that came up in here hey I knew my pools rigged but are you serious Miko tell thank you so much for $20 holla that’s a big donation I don’t know what the hell that message means but I really appreciate it thank you so much and let’s get into the pools I guess Mike’s gonna rig my account so I’m super excited.

About it Irish thank you so much for the 19-month resub you’re amazing thank you thank you thank you and then we also have I ami Nero with a 1-bit and shops.

With one bit I appreciate you guys so much Godzilla coming over the $1 hallo thank you buddy al every Lulu some agent FFX and I failed they’re my that.

Was L yeah that’s actually L.

Seriously that was L you guys didn’t know that but it’s time to get to pulling and we’re gonna restart that let’s do this guys let’s have some fun refers somebody on the refer summoning on the starship banner Nico town thank you so much to the pony dolla holla you didn’t have to do that Dutch Thank You Man holy set forty bucks already thank.

You so much let’s go baby it’s fine I once owned a penny Thank You Man even Thank You 400 beds you’re amazing let’s go guys let’s go.

We’re gonna have a brain powerd and I eaten thank you so much seriously Thank You Nico town hold on shit my – full big 131 what’s up a couple what who is I don’t know the league my meme I don’t know what that is nope Hey oh man sauce the earth you didn’t you did just get in hand so didn’t you let’s go yeah yeah yeah all right did we go with the four stars first row the four star tickets first baby.

Connection air I’m getting those all week please don’t do this to me now please don’t do this to me now I don’t know.

What look mez you guys are talking somebody doesn’t know shit cocaine Mikko talent you’ve been doing that cocaine buddy Jesus minutes 60 bucks dude thank you just one more Thank You Man holy hell Nikko.

Town is for you baby I need anoche.