Shoppe Haul #2 (online Divisoria): Murang Makeup Brushes,bags,liptint,drawer Etc.

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Ten pieces of kabuki brushes so I went along LaHood and at the limo Malala hanging brushes so ET cela wqm kabuki brushes for only ninety five.

Titles and in Beautyblender is 40 pesos we are and I don’t know mignon mini version on love him brushes and next vanilla is young water candy tin and she’d Red Mango next is the Vaseline lip therapy sciatica puto.

Next is the town folder ball blower the Maluku shop around the 105 pesos vanilla coat also para macaron Honolulu get more makeup school and all the makeup tools and your fold abolish a guy so homely but no higher is.

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My youtube channel and good bye guys bit long with the thumbnail wanna tell you.