Condo Tour + Grove Collaborative Unboxing

Kitchen which is what you guys will be seeing when I film my recipe videos and we have a huge fridge especially compared to the one we had in Italy nice granite countertops microwave.

Up in all that good stuff so this is probably right here what you’ll be seeing when I film recipe videos right there and I’ll be standing right there right so right here is the laundry in there which I’m not going to show.

Because that’s I mean it’s the laundry so then there’s like a little hallway here and then we have the first bathroom which can I just say this is a ginormous bathroom both bathrooms in here are huge there’s me hello so it has a tub which you know I love ya a huge bathroom look at this like you can literally have like a dance party in here.

This is huge right there so then that’s like all the air stuff right here there’s a little like linen closet it’s empty right now then the first bedroom has a built-in bookshelf which I thought was super cool and yes we have closets they’re not that big but they’re definitely an upgrade from not having any closets in Italy so yeah this is gonna be our office right in here and then right next to that is the master bedroom which again we’re.

Just staying here with nothing we have a little blow-up mattress and we’re living out of suitcases I love the floors by the way it didn’t mention that and then there’s a little hallway right here and we have our closet right.

A walk-in but again definitely an upgrade from not having any closets in Italy and then we have a master bathroom which again is humongous literally like yeah this is big maybe not for you but for me.
For being MJ we were like what.

The heck these bathrooms are huge so I have kind of this bathroom set up with just some stuff my parents let us borrow cuz they were like you’re gonna be with nothing.

So yeah they let us have you know a little shower curtain and whatnot so yeah really nice bathroom love the tub and the tile I love how they have the lights.

Above the tub then there’s like this random little space over there so yeah let’s walk through one more time bathrooms dining room kitchen and living room alright guys so that is it for this week’s video I hope you guys enjoyed seeing our empty condo this is.

Gonna be obviously the new set of a living plant fully like I just mentioned definitely look forward to that still don’t have any of our house.
Stuff so it might be a little while before I’m able to produce.

My like cooking videos and whatnot but I’ll definitely let you guys know whenever that is going to happen if.

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Polly yet go ahead and do so I think we’re like at 2500 which is super amazing thank you guys so much for sticking in.

There hanging in there with me I know videos have been a little crazy lately then you guys so much for tuning in to this week’s video and I will see you guys next week as always bye.