Condo Tour + Grove Collaborative Unboxing

If you hear feet little feet and nails everywhere it’s them so there’s that so.

This is another one of the free things that they sent me it is the Meyers multi-surface everyday cleaner and I got it in the honeysuckle set so you could get to like choose the scent oh yeah there’s that little spray for free again another thing they gave me.

For free was the Meyers dish soap and I got it again in the honeysuckle scent and then I.

Got the hand soap from Meijer and I got this one in a different scent I got it in the geranium scent and this was free as well and the last thing that they sent me for free which I was so freaking excited about oh my gosh is one of their Grove collaborative glass spray bottles with a silicone like little sleeve on it so again they’re all about creating sustainability so by having a.

Glass bottle that you can Phil then you don’t have to be constantly buying plastic bottles that’s so cute and you get to choose the color so I chose this kind of like minty color so there’s that so cute so I got that for free on my own I went ahead and ordered a few things as well for a house so I ordered the method antibacterial toilet bowl cleaner and then I also got the antibacterial bathroom cleaner.

From method as well the stainless steel cleaner from method because as you’ll see on the tour we have stainless steel appliances and then I went ahead and ordered their glass cleaner concentrate which you can put in your little glass spray bottle so I think this is super cool because this little box comes with two glass cleaner concentrate and they’re just like this you basically squeeze this into the glass.

Bottle and then fill the rest up with water and there’s two of them in there so that’s two bottles of glass cleaner that is everything that I ordered from the growth collaborative I’m super excited to start using these in my new condo if you’re interested at all in joining the growth collaborative I’ll definitely leave their links down below in the description so that you can check them out and like I said you don’t have to spend like a ton of money every single month.

It’s not like a monthly fee where it’s like 1995 every month you choose what you want to have in your box you get to customize your box yourself.

So that’s that so without further ado I’m gonna go ahead and give you guys a tour of our new condo.

All right so we’re walking into the condo so here is the little overview of the condo empty condo alright so when you first walk.

In to the right is the living room and it’s a super spacious living room really nice has a fireplace and everything and yes it turns on.

On for you guys it’s to see I don’t know if you can see that but it legit looks like fire so then it has like this really nice area right here for you to put your TV and whatnot that leads out to our little balcony.

So then on the other side right there there’s like a little coat closet then here is the dining room which right now is the girl’s house apparently we have their cages and stuff so that is the dining room then we have the.