Condo Tour + Grove Collaborative Unboxing

Hey guys what’s going on I’m Emily from living plant Polly and today I’m here with another video for you guys so today’s video is gonna be something completely different than anything that I’ve ever shared with you guys as you can tell from the title of the video I will be giving you guys a tour of our condo that.

We’re gonna be living in I’m really excited because it’s been a long time since I lived in an american-style house so I’m pretty excited about that so before we get into.
I wanted to unbox my growth.

Collaborative box with you guys and know this video is not sponsored by Grove collaborative but I’m really excited about this I have heard so much.

About the growth collaborative so for those of you guys that don’t know what the growth collaborative is it is a monthly subscription where you can hand pick whatever you want them to ship to you every single month and they have a wide variety of non-toxic cruelty-free sustainable household cleaning products as well as beauty products anything essential really.

That you need for maybe your baby they sell wipes diapers feminine hygiene products all kinds of stuff you name it they have it on the website and it’s really cool because you don’t have to repetitively get the same.

Thing every month like I said you can hand pick what you get shipped to you every single month and that is amazing so.

It’s basically like shopping doing your like grocery shopping on line which i think is so cool and they also sell the products at a wholesale price instead of retail price so you’re also saving money that way as well so let’s go ahead and get into the unboxing so here is my box from The Grove collaborative and I already took the liberty.

Of taking off a little tape so I’m really excited so the first thing that you get is like a little letter it says.
So happy to meet you so cute oops so they have a really cute.

Little letter it says healthy beautiful home super cute and it’s basically like a welcoming since this is my first order from The Grove collaborative so they basically just are welcoming me and whatnot which that’s super sweet thank you so much for that alright so the next thing is that they show you like all the stuff that you have ordered I’m gonna go through the things that I have ordered and since it was.

My first time ordering from them they did send me some.

Free things so they had like this little bundle where if you signed up and made your first order then they would send you some free stuff which I thought that was super cool so I’m gonna tell you the things that I personally purchased and then I’ll tell you the things that they sent to me.

For free so the first thing that is on top are these little cellulose sponge cloths and they are from full circle it says earth-friendly material non-toxic and sustainable so these are just like basically a little cleaning cloths that you use.

Around the house so this is one of the free things that they sent me it is their walnut and cellulose scrubber sponges and this is from The Grove collaborative so they do have their own products on the website as well.

Other cruelty-free sustainable non-toxic brands so there’s that don’t mind my doggies by the way.