No Outdoor Space? Why Not Indoor Gardening? (the Zero Garbage Lekunze- Ralph's Prototype)

In this indoor gardens occupy us during the winter when most of our plants outdoor are gone as a.

Result of the bad weather we love to garden all year round unfortunately we have a greenhouse that is not yet reinforced with a heating system because we love to garden the year round we try our best to have as many indoor plants as we can because plants are part of our lives we have made it a tradition to.

Always be around the plants to an extent that without plants we are really uncomfortable so during the winter we move as many of our plans as we can indoors I am going to be sharing with you.

How we handle all of the plants we have indoors in a separate video we have quite a ton of them indoors.

But we organize ourselves and we organize our area such that the plants and not in any form of disorder by that.

You or the type of plant containers that we use the kinds of plan areas that we have developed indoors some of which includes the aquaponic and the Eero garden that you have just watched and we also have special plants bags that can contain quite a lot of plants and doesn’t really seem to create any space issues at all they are quite phenomenal they are amazing at this moment our plants are still outdoors very.

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