No Outdoor Space? Why Not Indoor Gardening? (the Zero Garbage Lekunze- Ralph's Prototype)

Hello it’s always a pleasure to be back typically gardening is an outdoor venture however for some people there might be no outdoor space to garden if that is your case do not worry you still have an option today we are going to be introducing you to two special units that can make your gardening dream come true indoors one.

Of them is an aquaponics system what is an aquaponics system the other one is an inner garden what is and IRRI garden what of them and miniature ecosystems that meet your gardening dream come true in dwars it makes it possible for you to have a complete indoor garden of your.

Own come with me unless find out so this right here it’s one of my indoor plants this is in fact an interesting one I will talk more detail about this in another video it’s called an aquaponic I’m just going to demonstrate to you today what you can do when the plants are.

Growing too tall because you don’t want the plants washing the lights these ones you see that I’m bending did not Bend on the I own I have to do it somehow I have to direct them how I want them.

To grow so as you can see this two ladies right here and growing a little too tall and I don’t want that.
To happen lunch should never touch the light or taller.

Than the light so I’m going to stop them from going cheap oil and competing with.

The light I’m gonna take a little nip right here midnight I’m not cutting true but I’m just nipping you see a little caught the other.

Side is still in charge and just caught on this side a little seed a little core right there I just took a leap with a knife right here this side the other.

Side is teen tech and I’m just gonna bend it like that’s gonna be nice so I didn’t broke it you know consider to grow I start coming up like this C star light right.

Here you see how they have the tendency of going toward the light okay so this no matter how I read it is still gonna cough and start.
Going in the direction of the lights we discard that as well.

In another video all right now this lady right here is also too tall so I’m gonna do the simple I’m gonna take a little cut.

Again then I’m gonna fold it down it actually can been on its own that is what you do when they are going to fall and approaching the lights see these guys that is what I did to them see that’s an oaf cut right there that’s what I did to all of these and now they are growing back you are the lights that is actually called phototropism in science the tendency of plants growing in the direction of the lights.

For the need lights to photosynthesize this one is also a little growing delusion to transform us over anything so I just many’s a few days later when we come here you’re gonna notice all of this curving backward toward the lights I didn’t destroy them I didn’t hurt them in any way they will cause backward toward the lights this is.

How you manage wah aquaponics is for aquaponics Springboks is a company from where I’ve got.

This and this unit is called aquaponic system complete indoor garden of its own this is another one right here this units ecosystems of their own and a model of how nutrients cycle in nature there’s nothing to manage in this right now like I said this one is caught and gyro garden and.