Fortnite – Best Mates For Life

Gracie is here while happeneth a greasy sport a nice quality miss patty so we’re just lying about a cop car that I’ve got a fan I’m coming over to you – people in their baggage I’m coming over to you come in – Mitch Wow miss one in this house Mitch one in this house sweater just spaded one’s head.

In need account orthogonal damage in there careful why nice nice you’re very popular now mr.

Popkin yes ma’am I’m popping off lads yeah.

Fucking delicious can you not like can you just not how is that a.

Thing of I next to him I’m a bullet not here oh I am God Lord by the minute that’s good boys if you’ve both got a launch pad we’re gone I’m.

Just saying that right now twig out people on other West called victory who has been tree tree match little fucking big man which is Young’s.
From those fuck is Mitch doing oh you dead you dead oh right you.

Dead yeah yeah that bitch that bitch look wait I don’t think we said enough I wish only spooky is dead he’s dead they confuse I was top left mate he’s out shit they’re right here make sure that building beautiful just got it hurt oh.

It’s coming out the right match there you go whose match sorry he’s match I don’t know I was panicking because I thought we’d be gonna chew everything to.

Get him so yeah mitch is coming up dry even alive okay shut up shut up oh gee that’s a relaunch pads right now why is this an actual thing got.

Two big shields as well and then almost a biggie Mitch banjo no biggie I want eight kills boys poppin down to see a guy 76 so I 500 not you watching trying to pop this guy it’s getting pretty close laughs I know me bro I’m going for the push on this guy got perfect angle here I’ve used one already man let’s go on your bridge to go boys there’s a whole squad of help I’ve got new shotgun I’m moving I’m.

Moving I’ve gotta get this loop otherwise ended’ need ammo how much damage that dudes in it and then fucking bear is Elsa help Mitch oh you got man you’re right he’s come up now me fucking cord aka waste one either we got an aka Reysol in our hands all kinds of someone did pop off his teammate let’s bring it in for Mitch in his eight kills so I need a bad Jim than that I was a whack them with five and I’m a toffee see but.

It must help you don’t vote for them hope papa Oh there’s nine people so seven people left which is kind of bit nerve-wracking into so some pops east east le or just seemed him one another one yeah yeah you and I just heard some pops north okay I think I know where we are I think I know where they are if I think we might.

Be able to get the advantage if we get on this mountain we’ll get this supply you see what we get I don’t you by the way like to draw I just sold out and give me them Barrera I got to.
You cozies now so ready for some mad.

Pops from up on the mountain road ah shit God get it ha ha ha let’s go oh shit oh she’s behind the cars behind the car they’re in and around this thing I see you one Trott woke up short time which help.

Is this guy go Jesus blessing blessing blessing collection poor wee thing I ended up.

On eight what’s the kill counter boys at night I got free man not my money great this boy.