Insane Bullfrog Hunting With A Bow!!! (catch And Cook)

It was a gunshot like it wasn’t like a 9-mil talked to her it was going particular colors like something like it was look like it as if she was trying to escape like right now I know you asking.

You guys can’t see anything but basically we heard a scream and then a gunshot and there’s someone coming with an ATV and we’re not really sure what what’s really going on here so you’re gonna take that was you don’t are you quite the turn of events.

Ladies and gentlemen basically we left the first spot we didn’t see a ton ton more frogs I mean it was hot and heavy but like we basically scared all of them.

Off the bank with us super nin hollering sweet left we try to do one other spot didn’t really pan out and then we just came to came to this spot I shot up the carpet I saw that and.

Then I came to this spot shot another car but the cameras.

Were off and this isn’t that EBS I mean there’s no reason for me to do this but we heard a screen like from a girl like a full-on screech right well kind.

Of just looked at each other like you know what’s what’s the deal so then after that we didn’t really think of a ton of it like you know we’re at a campground right now basically they’re just campers editor in the mirror – gunshot like one of the gunshots where.

It’s like that’s a gunshot like you’d like it’s a it’s a handgun it’s a POW and it was like it was pretty close to us like it was basically the closest camper to us and we were pretty.

Nervous as we heard we heard the scream but we were thinking maybe maybe is somebody yelling at us like we’re not on private property by any means but you know who knows and then with the.

Gun shot we all froze and I turned the cameras on just to you know document whatever happened next basically.

And the campground manager came and went around to the basically the camper that was shooting or made the sound in he told the like the guy.

That was there told the campground owner that he threw a firecracker had an armadillo okay which for one it’s like.

Late August right now okay so why would you have firecrackers just randomly first off and also why why would you.

Threw a firecracker at home anyways long story short what we think happened we’re pretty positive happens this dude saw an armadillo and shot it with a gun now we’re talking we’re talking yeah a handgun we’re talking it’s 10:00 p. and we’re at a campground a public.

A public it’s actually probably campground but it’s there’s totally a lot of people.

I know I’m just rambling you guys but I don’t care but that’s basically what the conclusion wasn’t come up with a damper on our mood if you couldn’t tell we got a little kind of in like no survival situation but you kind of one of those like.

Like what the light cut the lights because we don’t live someone shooting ass we don’t want them to shoot at the light I would weird it was really really weird anyways I’ll catch you guys back at the shop well folks we are back at the the shop we cleaned them didn’t show that sorry YouTube no you’re welcome YouTube because they don’t.

Like that well if you guys want to see how to clean them I have my last video that I didn’t problem fishing I showed you anyways now we got to see what I’m letting him taste in basically I’m hungry just go I want to just get in there just good Jesus kid mmm actually good really good.

Not sauce what’s it taste like give it give us like a give us something here okay it’s like a chicken wing tastes like Buffalo Wild Wings it’s like a just chewy chicken he’s a chicken wing not just just a little chewier like the texture wise these are really really good do you guys.

Want to know this recipe Franks red instead of egg egg wash egg egg yolk egg eggs and then just wire.

And that’s that it’s pretty simple you don’t want to do like this you don’t do the flour first and then the Franks and then flour I didn’t do that but it’s good enough no really.

Hey another one got some more batter on it yeah I think there’s something wrong the first one I ate this one was better the home tastes like.

A chicken wing so so you’re blaming it on the chef well a gentleman we are ending it ending the.

Video if you guys enjoyed let.

Me know right now we are cooking up pigeon pigeon all right this is on Bobby’s channel but I’m trying to man the man.

The girl here we’re gonna add we’re gonna taste these but again not on.

My channel by channel but if you guys enjoyed the Frog fishing it didn’t last as long as we had hoped basically what happens we got them reefs just all the commotion and stuff scared all the frogs away to where we just couldn’t find anymore.

So that’s pretty much cut it short we also potentially saw somebody shoot an armadillo but not really sure this thing is burning one oh wow oh yeah we don’t really don’t happen the whole gunshot thing someone someone shot a gun at some point but yeah that’s pretty much.

Pretty much it it was an eventful day I missed a carp like I.

Said if you guys enjoyed this let’s know if you guys want to do some other version of frog fishing gigging whatever you call it let.

Me know in the comment section down below really do appreciate the view peace.