Insane Bullfrog Hunting With A Bow!!! (catch And Cook)

We heard something completely out of the way it was a gunshot like it wasn’t like a 9-mil I mean no what’s going on flare fishing man today we are doing some frog fishing I know I got a really good feedback on the first frog video you guys saw so I wanted to do it again and I’m with the.

And I am with Austin and Bobby.

They are on their way right now we got to the pond early and today should be interesting I brought a bow so you guys kind of saw I brought a bow and that’s that’s the challenge is to shoot.

For hogs with the bow I didn’t even know that was a thing but apparently it is.

Give a shot today it’s gonna be a huge huge challenge so there’s gonna be four of us that we’re gonna be rotating frogs basically it’s getting dark so we’re try to shoot some while it’s daylight and then as it gets dark we’re gonna be spotlighting on this stuff like that so should.

Yeah the frogs here are absolutely massive should be a good time I’m pretty excited I don’t know I’m not like the greatest Archer Archer archery person what’s the word here Robin Hood basically I’m not Robin Hood but we’re.

Gonna give a shot we’ll see we’ll see how today goes should be interesting and again if you like this video let me know drug comment down below hey she hit the like on this video and uh look who’s here the boys are back look at them just rolling up.

All fashionably late and stuff how do you fellas why isn’t it alright look at you now you look beautiful oh no now it’s not.

Yep there you go said deal well Bobby awesome you guys are ready we’re gonna be shooting some frogs never done this before right I’ve never seen anybody do this but no so you guys excited yeah I’m a sharpshooter let’s go let’s go boys we got this the key to frog fishing is being quiet so I should try stop.

Talking so loud and being slow there was one night there there’s no way I’m hitting this one I can say right now you ready that was so close oh we’re good we’re good thanks Bobby yours a little high I was a little high just just barely I mean this is a new bow.
I’ve never even killed anything with this yeah that was pretty dang.

Close it’s like really hard I don’t know anybody has actually done this there’s praising why no one’s on this cuz it’s actually impossible but figured it’s worth the challenge alright I’m gonna take a shot did I oh I did I got him my god was it through the fight I did I.

Put it through his a foot really skinned him look at that look dude through the foot that was in I thought you went to be nice first one boys he goes in the bucket now it is I mr. Austin’s turn he’s not known to be a sharpshooter either but hey I didn’t do too bad so.

We’ll see how he does look at Austin he looks like Rick in there he looks like.

A master hunter go ahead no you go ahead.

And shoot him you’re good that was close so Austin’s first shot was pretty good yeah it’s pretty good so right now I’m 1 4 4 3 ish not that great but alright so now we are walking gonna find it we gotta find a bigger group of them right now everything we’re we’re seeing more scaring ass so we got to.

Be okay yeah the one straight in front yeah but that one right in the back look at that one smoking boy you got this you got this light them up light them up all right look at them right there do that’s.

A if you missed this right above them one eternity later really I mean really I was just practicing up you know trying to get it dialed and you guys put and bug spray on and well that’s a lot.

About brightest lat and first shot off camera it’s all the camera like.

The cameras just making me nervous on off camera got them right through the back that boy dead your turn now Ricky what are you thinking I’m ready are you nervous do you think you’re better than.

Austin well smoke him right in the face really are you basically Robin Hood no he wore tights I think what are you doing Rick dude no no no no other way I know really does that face.

Look like he knows you said you’re better than Robin Hood oh you got it yeah okay well you got the black side up that’s.

Good so you got a real you got a real up the line no no real the line though okay so real real it up there you go and then once it’s kind of taught right yeah hit the button pull back and shoot Rick the left-handed boyoung I am left-handed you’re not I’m right-handed look can.

You close your other eye sides dude everything on the left side can you close.

Your other eye God can you close you but so pull back.

We can you do not pull back with your left hand now pull back with your left hand no way really just shoot it oh my gosh alright well Bobby no.

Arrows upside down don’t shoot that all right Kenneth who’s Bobby Bobby’s not using the bow okay first off he’s right-handed it’s a left-handed boat second off just no what else can we do people actually gig them with is no I guess spear you have weapons this is the gigging stick but what it no it’s not what did you use it before so what’s your plan to like just just whack them dude take them out really all right oh my buddies over here look at.

Like he’s playing whack-a-mole with the frogs are you sure like the nails are gonna get.

On though look at big doll right there you want to smoke that’s all you I can’t swing all right I got this i shanked off of them that was close that was a good shot though oh yeah oh yeah why don’t you go down there why’d you try.

To get in for the kill didn’t even get close to even hitting the Frog dude this might be the stupidest thing.

We’ve ever done oh no joke oh my oh my god smoked in bro told you try third try third try yeah last about threw my shoulder out got him.

Got him boys yeah yeah got him boys oh yes that’s what’s up right there that’s how you do a baby right in the back dude that’s what that’s where you want them right there a few moments later our ladies and gentlemen move spots and there’s a corp out there I gotta make a really really long shot on this thing we’re gonna.

See if we can get it what happened Blair just pushed it a little bit to the right he was actually really close I didn’t think is gonna get that close so props to him but I guess we’re gonna kind of scope this place out more and see if we can catch some fur get some more cars or bullfrogs see what happens.