30 Day Social Media Detox + Bloopers!!

Hey there how’s it going so I’m Holly and I am going to do a three day social media detox there’s a specific video that I watched that kind of gave me a lot of inspiration to do this I really strongly believe that social media is the next great addiction smoking alcohol gambling social media is right up there because.

You get the same response you get the same dopamine’s responses when you’re liking things sharing things welcome to the video I’m.

Tell you 30 things that you can be doing instead of checking your Instagram your Facebook and your snapchat I’ll be doing in the next 30 days as well so keep on watching and here’s the video you but what do a random act of kindness for someone special play some video games do.

You make up learn to play the piano take it out reorganize your books or if you organize your pins do some laundry Cheers try on some new socks read a book put your kids taking.

Out your recyclables change on the light bulbs in your lamps for cool colored fun ones to give your room a whole new vibe but on the music and jam out your meal watch movie do a face mask enjoy a hot chocolate plane a dream vacation even if it’s just for fun make youtube videos do some bullet journaling light.

A candle what are you please Texas go to the park and walk around build a Lego set be your news that’s I on the core can enjoy a great day organize your bag look out the window with a nice cozy drink and just people watch watch the cars go by joy the beautiful fall weather do some photography alrighty guys and there you have it those are my 30.

Ideas of things that you can do instead of spending your time on Facebook Twitter social medias in general snapchat Instagram all of those I think that some of these are just kind of fun.

Some of them actually I think are really good ideas that can help improve your personal self and have personal growth instead of wasting countless minutes hours days on those apps so I hope that in the end you kind of enjoyed this video I hope that.

You would like to also do the challenge maybe even continue it into a part of your lifestyle I’m kind of hoping that that’s what comes with this for myself either way I had a lot of fun making this video and I hope that you have a.

Wonderful day drink what you give the laundry transom socks please a Nintendo switch look at the window with a cup of hot chocolate or a cup of coffee a cup of water as a colossal doucher liveaboards juice take it all right.