What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

Watch like I’ll watch some movie jobs or you know and to me that’s like I’m entertained but I’m I just I love that and it’s a point where like I can’t I know other people love them I can’t do superhero movies hmm at all neither I just can’t I can’t do them because it’s fantasy to.

Me and I can’t Mayo it’s not I don’t understand it enough because I know some people are really into it they.

Real life and they do it I’m not creative enough I guess.

Sir it’s you’re invested enough to be able to do that if it can’t move me forward I just don’t get that entertained by it to a point where if a.

Movie isn’t really funny if it’s just sort of funny I can’t I can’t watch it I can’t like I can’t get through it because I’m like I’m wasting my time here yeah.

Here’s the thing it’s like I talk about like I.

Feel like I’m trading time I say that for a real reason because I’m 41 years old the average male American lives to 78 that means I have you know.

You 31 years left well no 37 years left 37 years left I have 37 years left if that sounds like a long time until you say it like this I have 37 summers left hmm yeah like what so what am I gonna do this summer cuz I only have 36 after that and I have 37 winters left okay why don’t you do this winter because.

I only have that money left well also and then you become.

Time becomes right really quick there’s 84,000 seconds in a day how are you using up these couple hundred because after a while this one’s gone and you only have 365 of those til that summer is gone now you’re moving on like I either really drill this.

Into me early in our marriage not person sit me down but like that every day had to matter every day had to matter you make every day matter where you get to the end and you’re like that was a great.

Day mmm like you have to be able to do that yeah and she’ll looking like she’ll like if there’s um you know a conflict of schedule it’s like life or death for her it’s like you huge event if our family can’t be together at one of our kids games it’s a what she’s like what are we gonna do like how do we do this like what are we gonna do or if one.

Of us has to travel and the other person isn’t going with him it’s like.

How do we figure like how do we figure this out it’s like because she realizes how important and magnified today is it’s all matters in this cell if I live average so I hope I live longer I hope that my health and my lifestyle gets me to longer than that but I can’t us I.

Should also assume that like there’s the bus or there’s the thing that I don’t see that’s gonna hit me and it might be way less than that yeah it.

Like it just makes every moment matter so much and if you think about that like why am I gonna let today skip away prioritize everything so you’re accomplishing when you get to that day where it says this is the end of your life look back how’d you do you don’t know when that’s gonna you gotta be like yes fulfillments got.

It because I did this every day let us end it there cool thanks in the next episode of chasing excess but what we are doing is we are throughout the year constantly.