What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

The the mountains of the Himalayas so that’s a that’s a time stuck for me but I have you but you it’s interesting cuz you actually you do it with your kids so it’s actually not if my.

Kids weren’t there I would still do it okay so I’m trying to give you credit yeah I know I love it I really like it a lot so I watch nature shows and that’s why that’s why I’m following I’m following like places I follow.

Our planet I’m following like National Geographic I’m following this new one called nature is metal so metl.

Like metal like like metal I can like yet like metal like a like hard rock okay like in terms of like it’s like how animals kill other animals and it’s like I’ve never seen this ice cream but.

A filter over it yes have complained about yes so you have to click on it and it’s like those the ones that you’re like it’ll be like a lion like eating like an like those ones I can’t do but most of.

Our like pretty cool yeah John we’re gonna post a lot of that stuff like that often so that’s a big one so sports and nature shows I like what looking at.

Like places and stuff like that that’s a uh what do you do for time wasters maybe good luck very very similar I think I probably watch a little bit more TV than that I try.

But that some days are better I’m addicted to social I know it’s because my business pulled me into it yeah if I wasn’t I hate being addicted to things so I’ve warned for my business I would cut it cut it off I would just totally cut it and I’d love to live free from it now because I know I’m addicted to it like before I go to bed at night I have to scroll and get caught up em hmm I hate that we’ve talked about a little bit.

I think I probably pay more attention to the news than is.

Truly useful I think that that’s one thing that if I can catch myself I’ll recognize it but sort of at the end of the day I sometimes find myself just like doing that for 30 minutes before bed mmm yeah I’ve tried really hard to like um to turn my entertainment into education yeah yes I think that’s a.

Really profound shift for a lot of people is if you can.

Because I love what I do I really really love it if I was a computer programmer and I had to learn about oh man I didn’t forget it I make him.

Say okay dass I don’t know like isn’t something yeah that’s that’s why I took computer programming in college so if I.

Had to learn that stuff I would hate education I would hate it but because I love what I.

Do it doesn’t feel like work so I’ve just turned to intent so like I’ll watch a documentary like hero Dreams of Sushi like that’s amazing about this entrepreneur who he’s the best in the world or what he does like that’s fascinating to me I’ll read a watch movie like fed up.

About the nutritional it’s fascinating me I’ll watch like the New Zealand All Blacks in like so that’s.

Not a time waster because I then use that literally the next day in my business felt like you know I’ll read about I’ll.

Read about Jesus and you know how he’s created Amazon and I love that like read about Steve Jobs and.