What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

Getting the kids dressed and they have the TV on in the background and they’re it’s kind of like haphazardly doing things as they go and that’s step one step two is creating to-do lists like I need to do this today step three is some sort of like a prioritized list I think on a weekly basis in step four is beginning with the.

End in mind how do I back into this and that’s where it’s like also now you have freedom and you know your creativity can flow and all.

The rest let’s talk about the things that that if you wouldn’t if you didn’t set up your days and your weeks like that that might show.

Up and throw up sort of throw a monkey wrench into your into your sort of long-term plans and so what I’m thinking about is what maybe we can call time wasters right or time sucks whatever you want to call it where do you.

See those time sucks showing up what form do they show up how do you make sure that you you outside of the count how do you make sure you’re combating against okay whatever soaps are I love this and it extends beyond kind of productivity talk to talk extends into like people like I don’t have the time to write people say yeah so like Heather my wife goes.

Crazy when she hears her father say like I would get in shape I don’t have the time to do that like the dude is retired and plays solitaire for like without exaggerating them you know a couple hours a day so.

Here’s there’s way more everyone has 24 hours.

In a day yeah you could take to get more done you could do in my take you do want to probably a few different approaches the first one is if you want to get more done you take the.

Elon Musk approach which is you just work more so instead of working 40 hours a week you don’t work the really productive people work 80 hours a week well his he works 100 hours a week that’s like if you’re working five days.

A week that’s 20 hours a day right that’s insane if you’re working seven days a week it’s like whatever that works out to 17 hours a day I haven’t done the math but 17 hours a day of work seven days a week if you haven’t taken a.

Shower gone a bathroom cook food commuted or.

Anything yet so that’s like that’s.

The one approach that’s like the workaholic that’s the drive towards greatness that’s the no balance that’s one approach if you want to get more done you can do that that’s not my approach the other approach is kind of what we talked about already which is you begin with the end of mine you back your way into it let’s create.

The first things first and all the.

Rest and then you head create the buffers you hit create some freedom some other time and you can do it that way the other way is you just eliminate.

The time sucks which is what you’re talking about yeah if you’re like well I mean I don’t waste any time well the average American and it depends on what you look up but the average American some people say it’s five and a half some people say it’s four and a half some.8 but according to I think it’s wikipedia.

Says that the average American watches close to five hours of television a day that’s so that’s insane five times seven is thirty-five that’s that’s entire getting paid to watch time that’s an entire workweek people.

Are spending watching TV that’s it’s huge time-suck it’s a huge so again like busy versus productive right so like that’s a enormous really easy one now to the credit the younger generation the twenty year olds watch way way less than the older generation the older generation appeal in the.

60s watch way more than that upwards of almost double it’s like six or seven hours whereas the.

Younger generation is only watching like two or three.

But yeah dot dot dot they’re spending way more time on screens on social media and the other stuff so first place I would.

Go towards is TV because it’s the easiest thing in the world we in my family we don’t the TV does not go on during.

The week at all period we don’t watch TV at like literally at all period unless it’s Monday night or Friday night or Thursday Night Football we’d like to.

Watch football and on the weekends the kids on the weekends the kids wake up to cart’ Saturday morning cartoons you know paw Patrol and blaze and all that stuff now you will you’ll know within.

Next two years for sure so during the weekends we watch TV during the week nothing at all except for a Monday night if there’s a night football and if the Bruins are in the playoffs or something like that we watch some sports from there it’s the other screen time so the the kids on social media so here’s like a hack and if parents want to do this and you should do it.

Themselves should go through this exercise I’m gonna say it slowly if you go if you haven’t I only know how to do it on.

An iPhone if you’re go on your iPhone you go into settings and you.

Click on battery you know a screen will pop up scroll down to the.

Bottom and it will say how much all the different apps that you use and what percentage of battery all those use that’s not the interesting point if you flip it over to time so instead of percentage of battery flip over to actual time it’ll tell you how much time you spent you can do it in 24 or.

Last week how much time have you spent in the last week on different apps and it is shocking it is I don’t think I spend that much time on things and I spend like three or four hours a week on Instagram mm-hmm and I’m the guy feels like I don’t spend any time on it we like my daughter spends closer to 10 11 or 12 hours on social on Instagram and then they’ll.

Do another 3 or 4 on snapchat now there is.

A caveat to this which is if your business is tied to it so in my business is I like Katrin caption a lot of her she’s a personal brand so she spends hot north of 10 hours a week but I.

Would I would given it I would give it an asterisk next to that for sure my daughter in high school now in college no no no there’s no passage for that one right and for snapchat there’s no pass without total time sucks at the end of your life you get no credit for being on social media like you’re not gonna be you’re not gonna look back and be like you know fulfilled life yes I had a great family at a.

Great business and you know I was healthy and thank God I spent 15 hours a week on snapchat it just doesn’t work that way one thing just to add to that because we’ve talked about that a little bit before and after we did the first time I found an app called moment that effectively like it does the thing that you’re explaining or that you’re talking about but then it actually shows.

You sort of attracts over time so you guys know super cool like if you you know a sport I spent 15 hours the first week 12 the next week.

9 the next time see I’m making progress actually it’ll it’ll.

Prompt you to like you’ve been on your phone too much today or so we’ve actually done this in family meetings we’re.

Like ok buddy pull out your phones and let’s go see and go around circle and telling us have you said on Instagram yeah and that lasted through was that less than three weeks yeah it’s again but they figured it out right yeah they know like the dopamine response and how to get you to that hormonal like I want more I.

Want to see the likes I want to see the next screen the insert gratification they’re smart they’re really smart so the to me.

The big ones for time wasters is TV social you can clump that all together in terms of screens and the other one is commuting hmm so people lose a lot of their life driving to and from places now some of that might be outside of your control again I don’t think it is I think you can change that and move I think you can relocate it you can work.

From home don’t you’re not a slave to the world the world is a slave to you you can control you can mold it it’s a ball clay but let’s say in the short term you are commuting so the average the average commuter in Boston commutes 29 minutes which is an hour add a bit to and from so 29 minutes to work.

20 minutes from work that’s an hour a day essentially what you could do every single day is instead of listening to sports radio or top 40 or that.

Talk show is you could take a college course every single day you could be taking a college course if you did that five days a week that’s more than what a college courses that’s five credits essentially yes.

Most college credits are like four hours a week or some you.

Could do more than that but it’s a matter of choosing to be productive rather than reactionary and what I really want to I just want his own out so I just want to like listen to junk I just wanna listen to gossip on the radio I want to like be entertained by the music I want to just like listen to what’s happening in the sports world I just wanna it’s pushing that aside instead reading some nonfiction taking literally.

Taking a course that is an audio file that you can listen to you can preach if you did that it’s that love marginal gains right it’s the.

Aggregation of marginal gains where if you did that over the course of a month if you chose if I if you chose to better yourself by you know listening to some sort of like productive nonfiction like whether it’s you’re going to.

Learn a marketing course and I choose to listen to sports radio after the difference of a month there’s no difference between the.

Two of us over the course of six months now.

You’re on course number three or four and I really know what the batting averages of the Los Angeles Angels you know there might be love a difference yeah over six years we are now in a different spot we are like imagine two twins that decide to do this it’s by the way it’s the same way that like health works mmm at three o’clock one twin.

Right same genetics and then working the same place doing all the.

Same stuff one twin goes for the cookie jar the other twin decides to go have an apple or even better like go down the stairs go to the local farmers market buy an apple walk back like of course we want no change over the course of six months and maybe six years they’re different people mm-hmm so if you eliminate screen time both through social and through forget eliminate if you reduce.

Right right yeah you don’t to be a robot but if you drastically reduce those two things you know try and cut it back from you know 11 hours on Instagram to three and trying to cut it back from the 35 hours of TV to 6 well you just create a whole nother workweek you could open up a side business and now if your commute becomes productive well you just changed everything like you the amount.

Of stuff that you’re going to learn and.

Grow from and become over the next course of the next one three five six years you you can’t.

Compete with your other former self no your other I should say your other former self couldn compete with that mmm-hmm okay all.

That being said what are some of your favorite ways to waste time or maybe better said what are some things they other so you mentioned footballer yeah sport like we watch sports mostly on the weekends thank God like that’s when football is but again like you.

Know we watched we watch sports other time sucks that I’ll do time wasters is I do i I do do Instagram so I was funny before to do did you do together but I do Instagram my business is there and I get sucked into other stuff.

What I do though is I try and give myself an audit whereas where every month or two I just go into my list.

Of things that I’m following and I try to keep it underneath 100 mm-hmm so because I would like to go through and until I says you are now caught up I really like to do that it’s like to be caught up it’s another way the fall of 2000 so if I’m following.

Is 1,400 people like there’s no way I’m gonna.

Do that so I keep it I train you get 100 I think right now actually pull up my phone actually do this I’m gonna do it right now because I’ve been following a bunch of more because I’ll tell you what my next time suck is.

I’m at 101 hmm 101 so I try keep it under hundred awesome I.

Mean the reason I’m kind of close to that I was at like 87 is my next time suck is is I like quart of clogs because I’m realizing as I’m saying it.

That I do watch TV besides sports if Heather’s out with the girls and I’m babysitting I watch nature shows with the kids so like National Geographic like planet Earth blue planet that dude with the British accent that’s so good at narrating it I just I love that stuff where they show like the school of fish getting attacked by the dolphins in the swordfish in the tuna and then the birds come in.

And or they’ll show like you know the the mountain goats running away from the snow leopards in.