What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

The town the landscape the growth opportunities the restructuring the class is all that type of stuff and that I have set open times that I allow people to come in for meeting time mm-hmm and that’s the flex time mm-hmm the other really important thing I’ve found in reading I reinforced and reinforced especially through I would say George Craig McCowan’s.

Greg McKeown essentialism is creating buffers so what I’ll do is if I have a so for example this Thursday I have an appointment at.

A medical office for which we should talk about sometimes this is amazing it’s called Lda it’s low dose allergen shots you know we’ll talk about so Keiko Mays heard of it basically it’ll cure every time it’ll cure.

Every night crazy so anyway that’s a half hour away so instead of putting in my calendar that I have this appointment at 3:30 I put in I have a 3:30 but for the 45 minutes before I put commute even though I it only takes 20 minutes to drive there I block out 45 minutes beforehand to commute there that way if everything goes well and I’d sit there and when I get there I can do some sort of thing on my phone an email or social media.

Post or something like that but worst case like I get was stuck in traffic exactly so I create these.

Buffers in between so meetings don’t run and to end there’s a space in between all.

Of them and those podcasts we just recently got good at that it’s all work in progress right like I’m not a rockstar at any of this stuff I’m constantly trying to learn and develop but I’m a lot better now than I was five years ago and I hope in five years from.

Now I’m a lot better than I have today it seems to be a very very proactive approach to a day or a week or a month then a reactive.

Approach so sort of back to the original thing we talked about where it can be easy to fill your calendar with things that you’re reacting to you know whether it’s it’s you spent two hours answering emails yeah none of which really gets you too much further so that’s what fills in the blanks.

Yeah so in the spaces between all that stuff that’s where I’ll check my email that’s where I’ll jump on social media that’s where I’ll have a conversation with somebody on the side that’s where I’ll have the watercooler you know that’s a good thing but what we’re doing is we’re punking the things that are gonna move me towards my.

Goals business development athlete development health but this the podcast all those things that are like.

Meeting with my friends to work on business development all those things are set and then the other stuff fills in behind it it’s I’m gonna butcher this trying to restate it but Stephen Covey I think in first things first goes into so he wrote seven Habits.

He also wrote a book called first things first which is one of the habits he wrote a whole book on one of the habits and he talked about the different iterations I think it’s him the differ agents of time management it starts with people that just like get pulled in every direction they wake up and they brush their teeth and they start cooking their eggs and they’re on the phone and they’re.