What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

I putting my focus I like to say you know when I’m working with my athletes whatever we focus on.

Into we’re gonna improve dramatically in that if we won’t get better at handstand push-ups if we focus on handstand push-ups I have the confidence we’re gonna drastically better at that so as well as things.

Like if I what am I gonna put my time into if I put my time into it it’s gonna get real it’s gonna get it’s gonna flourish getting a lot better if I don’t put.

Time and do it it’s not going to it’s gonna wither and potentially die so when I look.

At my calendar and I spend a lot of time trying to prioritize what goes in there I have to start with the first things first thing the.

Most important things first yeah so tactically what I’m actually doing is I schedule I use a Google Calendar and what I heard of this Google before yes the Google I use the Google machine and I put in all of the repeating things that are gonna have on you know on repeat.

Calendar like weekly or daily that are part of my day regardless so for an example I coach the.

1/3 of class every day so that’s just so that’s an obvious one that’s just my calendar every day I work out every day.

At 6:30 that is in my calendar and nothing takes it over like it doesn’t get removed for anything I have so those are like the the two things that are like just set in.

Stone mmm then I have my meetings so I have this.

Podcast and every Tuesday at 1 o’clock we do this podcast so that’s in there and then there’s the other appointments that I have whether it’s a a.

Chiropractic thing or it’s a meeting with my coaches that are just set in stone so this the obvious ones right.

Like everyone should have that and just like they just they’re those don’t get moved at all the other thing I do is the next thing I do is I create time for the things that are gonna get walked on if I.

Don’t create time for them so things like one Friday a month I block it off to.

Meet with one of my friends to talk about business development every even though maybe in the future you don’t know exactly what restaurant are well friend it’s blocked its blocked off there and you know that yes that’s what it will be filled at some point yes I have a lunch every about every two three weeks with a friend that we do more business development stuff and that’s blocked off I don’t know where we’re going but that’s blocked.

Off as well then I have things like athlete’s development so programming for my athletes looking through their progressions all that that’s blocked off so that’s something that like as a person with no requirements for how I spend my time at all like yourself it’s one of the things that like I have to put in otherwise the phone call happens social media happens the person walking to my office happens I need to want to go in like I wanted there’s a lot of things that will come and override.

That then I have my own space for.

Each one for business development so things like should we be looking on a growth opportunity so we just should we be we just recently bought.

The building that to Jim is in what were you doing with that in terms of meeting with.