What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

Then all crepe they don’t have my balance I’ll have achieved what I want to do cuz I know one thing will happen and the other thing might happen the one they will happen is I’m gonna get addicted to the grind and I’m gonna chase achievement I you don’t become.

Satisfied when you hit that threshold you think that’s not where your happiness lies you look for the next threshold so it’s gonna be a continuing moving target I’ll become.

Addicted to it the second thing is the things I sacrifice along the way might not be there in five years so there’s that saying which imagine life is every role in your life is represented by a ball and you have your faith your family your your.

Career your health and your friendships.

Each one of those is represented by a ball and the goal is to juggle all five of those balls in the air at once what you realize though is that all those balls are made of glass and.

If you drop one of them it may be scuffed it might be chipped it may be cracked might be shattered right and the yeah you can’t let any drop except potentially the.

One called career because that one’s made of rubber and if you fall back off that you can come back but if you put everything you have in a career everything you sacrifice and you’re only.

You’re only sleeping four hours.

A night in your your Silicon Valley guy right and then you’re starting you’re working the 20-hour days you’re you’re eating like crap you’re not exercising you’re not sleeping you’re not seeing your family you’ve sacrificed all those other things your careers taking off but you might have shattered all the other ones you might get sick you can’t put them back to you you can’t put those ones back to.

Potentially it’s the right word you might not be able to put the owns back together they might be scuff that might be cracked you know be there altered and some yeah but the.

Career one like if you lose your job if you have a career shift if you your business gets sold whatever it is you can lay down your feet mm-hmm you can figure it.

So let’s take it from that sort of that high level thinking about what sort of what it means to put.

First things first into something a little bit maybe a little bit more practical a little bit more sort of in in the weeds which is I have seen your calendar.

Before I know that it’s something that isn’t taken lightly and I’m curious do you do you how do you think about your calendar how do you how how do you how have you come to think about your calendar in terms of what does.

Each day look like and how do you make sure that you’re doing the things that you need to be doing I I think I look at my calendar the way a equities trader would look at like trend analysis or like earnings per share.

Or whatever the hell they look at it’s something that I’m like I and I invest my time and energy into I believe that my biggest responsibility is as a profession I think I trade time mm-hmm I think that’s.

What I do I think I and you could substitute energy or efforts or focus or whatever you want there but what I might where am.