What It Means To Be Productive || Chasing Excellence With Ben Bergeron || Ep#048

I’m 41 years old the average male American lives to 78 that means I have you know you 31 years left well no 37 years left 37 years left I have 37 years left if that sounds like a long time until you say it like this I have 37 summers left hmm yeah like what so what am I gonna.

Summer cuz I only have 36 after that and I’m 37 winters.

Left okay why don’t you do this winter because I only have that money left well also and then you become like.

Lunchtime becomes right really quick we are here because we know the outcomes and our lives are within our control the taking absolute ownership of how we.

Eat sleep train think and connect with each other is how will optimize our health and happiness that chasing excellence is how we grab hold of what is possible our mission is to live on the run always chasing never stopping greetings hey Patrick hello.

Are you great today on today’s episode we are going to talk about something that I probably spent way too much some time thinking about myself which is productivity personally something good that you think.

About it yeah I’ve thought about it a lot because as you know but as I’m sure nobody else knows I spent the last three years of working for myself often times by myself in a small room in.

My house right and I learned really quickly after leaving a company.

That I was with for I don’t know eight or nine years that there are when you do something like that when you sort of sort of are released.

From the constraints quote-unquote of you know a manager of a team.

Of whatever you’re suddenly thrust or one of the things that sort of thrust – you know into your responsibilities is how you spend your time and making sure you spend your time wisely efficiently effectively all that.

Stuff so all that being said I thought about productivity a lot because I’ve sort.

Of had to so I don’t get lost sort of on my own as I’m sort of navigating everything so I wanted to talk to you about productivity I know we’ve sort of touched around the edges of it in the past but I don’t think.

We’ve ever really talked about productivity and using your time and you know effectively so the first thing I want to ask you is just when I say productivity when you think about productivity like what does that mean to you how have you come to think about productivity I think that.

The first differentiator which takes took me a long time to figure out was the difference between being productive and being busy yes so when I in the same role that you were when I left corporate America and became an entrepreneur and starting to run my own business I used the to greatly I think we have talked about this a little bit but it’s a matter of like being busy it’s kind.

Of spinning your wheels it’s you’re doing stuff kind of constantly moving from fire to fire to fire and putting him out but you feel you can feel good doing the moment you feel really good because you’re just you’re you’re it’s.

A it’s an addiction it literally is is you can become like and I went through this where I became addicted I realized that I need to be more productive and.

When you come more productive you have more free time and you feel like you are not doing enough and it’s just it’s just evil cycle you can get yourself into so the place I would start in that discussion is the difference.

Between being productive and being busy being productive is moving towards your goals being busy is just moving you’re just doing stuff so a concrete example of that might be something along the lines of if you’re.

Being productive you know exactly what the most important thing is you should be accomplishing this year quarter month week and day to move you towards your goals being busy is more like imagine sitting there and spending the entire day really researching doing a lot of stuff digging into this whole maybe.

You’re like writing writing something or your research to present somebody but really it doesn’t have any effect to long term towards anything you’re doing you do all this research and then kind just the next day kind of comes and it goes and like you were busy.

You were doing stuff but the end of the day nothing you did created anything tangible it’s gonna move you closer to your goals the other side of that is you know I did construction like both road and residential construction when I was in high school and you really learn the difference between being productive and being busy there.

You can’t be busy right because the end today you have to walk away look back at what you did that’s what’s.

Amazing about that profession is every day you walk away you’re like look at what I built it wasn’t there before and now it it is that’s being productive you are you are.

Able productive like produce active like you’re actively producing stuff you’re making stuff like it i think i think productivity actually i think the word stem somewhere along the lines from the produce actually like growing crops oh I don’t know that for a fact but I just kind of thought true now I mean yes it’s Internet true but that to me is what it is it’s like at the end of the day are you producing things are you creating things that are moving towards your goals.

Your wheels right so obviously the.

The follow-up the obvious follow-up question to that is how do you know how do you set those overarching one year etc goals and and I know one thing that you’ve done for a long time at least for the last couple years is something that you sort of I think you’ve referred to.

It as the excellent life organizer or organized I forget how you but he’s yes both um and I and let’s maybe walk through that a little bit because I feel like we’ve you’ve mentioned it before and people always ask questions but we never like stop for.

Five minutes to say well what does what does that actually mean and and within that I know a big part of that is to be able to identify what.

Are the what are the real targets which you’re which you’re trying to move towards yeah that’s yes.

That’s and that’s the starting spot yeah so what I use the thing that I called the excellent life organizers.
Thing I created with one of my buddies and it’s just a spreadsheet.

So shared Google Doc that we’ve but over the time we’ve fancied it up a little bit and there’s a scoring system to it there’s categories and there’s you get month to month and.

Week to week points and but what the details don’t matter as much as the conceptualization of what this thing is I it it’s a night it’s a way to begin with the end in mind and then bring your the moment to move you closer towards the end now that that’s that’s a very political way of saying nothing right what I mean by that is what.

What do you want out of your life really it’s like excellent life.

Organized so what do you want what is an excellent life mean to you we’re gonna is it mean that you want to have a life of leisure to be able to live on the islands doesn’t mean that you.

Million dollars I mean you want to open up multiple businesses doesn’t mean that you want.

To become a professional athlete a musician doesn’t mean that you want balance in your.

Life doesn’t mean you want singular focus and be remembered as the great does so you begin with the end of mind what is the goal that you want and.

Then from there you back into it in these step-by-step processes of what is it we’re gonna look like in three to five years what’s gonna look like you in.

One year okay to accomplish that one year goal what’s gonna fight this quarter and.

To accomplish that one core what do I need to accomplish this week and today and basically the.

Way I’ve done it in the way I am a balanced guy – whatever it is you’re working for fulfillment everybody should be searching for fulfillment in their lives meaning when they’re on their deathbed they look back and said I lived the life I wanted to live and here’s the deal is like.

It’s it’s within everybody’s grasp we got to start realizing that we are not living in this box where the goal is not to bump into the walls the goal is to push the walls and find which ones.

Move so you find an exit over there to get into the life you want to live we are not mice in a rat.

On a rat wheel or animées try and just like make our way through it we can pump our head up above me like haha we’re in a maze let’s stop living in the mains let’s hop over that wall and look at the green.

Pasture room they’re like that’s a really empowering paradigm shift of like we do not need to live inside the confines it’s one of the things that like we’ve talked.

About before pure like okay circle of control let’s find out we control ignore the other stuff but like the weather we can’t control the weather it’s like yes you can if you hate the weather move to San Diego if you hate the Sun move too you know and great move to London so you have like there’s places.

That have the weather you want like you can control that to a certain extent right obviously you can’t control if a hurricane comes through and you live in paradise whatever it is but let’s start to realize that you can move and shake and don’t be a slave to.

Life you own your life take ownership of it and moving around so this excellent life organizer does just that so the way I’ve structured it is I’m looking for a balance in my life so I’ve kind of divided.

Up into five different categories my saying is I want to live love lead learn and leave a legacy so of each of those five things I have five measurables that I’m going to accomplish every single week so something like learn so in my learn category I.

Have things like read a research article meet with an experts listen to a podcast things like that in my love category it has a lot of things with my family’s like call my mom and dad it’s.

Be home at 6 o’clock every night it’s have dinner with the family it’s go to kids all the kids games it’s stuff like that it’s all these little check points on the way so that makes sure that we are putting our first things first so we don’t get caught in the busy work the wheel starts spinning and we wake up 20.

Be like what the hell happened right you know I know I built this amazing business but my health is in shambles my run relationships turn tables and I didn’t mean for that to happen at all it’s so easy to get.

There unless you literally compartmentalized and say this is what I want out of my life and this is what.

Needs to do today to get us there how would you recommend somebody regardless of what the it looks like whether it looks like your spreadsheet and whatnot where is where did you like what was step one in whatever the road led you to was it thinking about like okay I want balance in my life and what does that mean and continuing sort of down that road like where would you suggest somebody begin yet to.

Think about it’s a good question because the vehicle doesn’t matter right whether it’s a Google spreadsheet or an you created an app or notebook or a daily stoic Journal or whatever early on your phone notes on your.

Phone doesn’t really matter what matters is.

Action so the way I would start with this is to find begin with the end in mind and what on your deathbed you say I live the.

Life I want to live because dot dot dot what is the dot dot dot because I became famous because I had a great relationship I raised amazing kids because I achieved every business go ahead whatever it is so figure out what that is and then go at those and then figure out it’s like anything else whatever on sports and when I coach athletes it’s like okay we want to perform at our peak what’s that look like.

What we want to really excel in conditioning strength and skills okay inside of those what are things that matter okay skills we have handstand push-ups muscle ups walking on your hands pistols okay to get those what we okay we need to be able to do fifteen on broken muscle ups when you walk in our hands for 150 feet unbroken we you should break it down to the process something okay so if.

We need to do that on this quarter where do we need to be for the muscle ups okay it’s when you build it is okay to get there what to do today mm-hmm and you’re able to like check.

Boxes be like we did it today and now the the breaking it down and going from complex to simple the the simple is what sort of.

The excellent life organized thing is right on.

Track exactly it’s it’s a it’s a trackable thing that you can because what.

Is if you if you don’t do that literally I mean it has me all the time where like you’d you’d get off track a little bit because you get pulled into a project or you get lazy or because there’s this distraction or whatever it might be and all.

Sudden you’re like oh my god like I haven’t called my mom in three weeks right like what the hell right well this this is a check against that’s.

A check against great my basically create yourself a little checklist now here’s the thing with the kind of a caution against that is you have.

To you can’t go with like everything you can’t put everything on this list right because it’ll take you forever you’ll never do it and I really like the like the Warren.

Buffett story about how to become productive like how to become achieve your goals and there’s a story about he’s his pilot finally gets the the you know if his private plane or whatever it was probably gets up the the gall to like you know mr. Buffett could you give me some advice on how to achieve my goals and.

He says yeah right down the right down 25.

Business goals so he sends him off he thinks for long and hard about it he comes back on the next flight he’s like I created 25 goals and Warren Buffett says that’s fantastic now what.

Is circle the top five most important sends him off he thinks real hard about comes back after a lot of hard work and hard decisions comes back and says okay I I circle those top five I miss mr. Buffett Warren Buffett Warren Buffett says great now just what do you think I want you to do he says I think you want me to really focus on almost top 5 that I said are the most important those are.

My priorities now he said absolutely and what are you gonna do with the other 20 he said well work on those in between and my spare time maybe liked it and that’s where he cut him off and said wrong the other 20 are now you have two lists you have the five and you.

Are your avoid at all cost list.

You can only do so much right and I’m a guy with balance I’m a balanced guy like I want balance in my life I want it in my I want to be able to be successful in my family being.

Successful in my business I wanna be successful in my health in my relationships and my coaching if you call that different than business that’s a lot like I know that’s a lot that’s five things to me.

To add on for five more those like it’s just it’s not gonna happen and when I talk with people that want to be world class elite the best of that they ever have Catron you know if you want to be the fittest person that’s ever walked on the.

Planet earth literally that’s what her goal is she’s got one like like family takes a back seat she’s got like okay write down the twenty five now circle the one now avoid the other 24 at all costs to be world.

Class the best ever at what you do that’s what takes.

And that’s why people like Kobe Bryant.

And Michael Jordan they’re not like the they don’t have the.

Balance in their lives that other people have no I want that I.

Point where I put my head down work my tail off to create this business.